Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beasley's Caddy Picked up for DUI

The worst kept secret in Manhattan, Kansas is that assistant coach Dalonte Hill was brought in solely to bring his boy Michael Beasley with him. Hill was Beasley's AAU coach. Bobby Lutz hired him at Charlotte as an assistant. Magically, beasley orally committed to Charlotte. Then along came Bob Huggins at K-State. He stole Hill away to his staff in Manhattan, and wouldn't you know it, Beasley de-committed to Charlotte and was Kansas State bound.

Then Huggins left after just one year in Manhattan for his alma mater West Virginia. What was K-State's AD Tim Weiser going to do? He couldn't risk losing both Beasley and Bill Walker, so in a stunning move, he turned the program over to unproven Frank Martin and made Hill "associate Head Coach." Beasley and Walker stayed, and the rest is history.

Until last last night. Obviously giddy after celebrating the big win over Kansas, Dalonte Hill was picked up and arrested for DUI in Manhattan.

Hill Arrested for DUI - Manhattan Mercury


Nate said...

I'm a KSU alum and am pretty sure this will just be the tip of the iceberg of scandals/violations to come. Martin is a shady guy. But I'm enjoying the moment!

Unrelated...first time I've been to your blog...What about KU in '88?

MTAC said...

enjoy the moment Nate....I became a KU fan in 1994, my Freshman year there. Therefore 88 doesnt count for me.