Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stephen A - Political Analyst

This is hysterical. All of a sudden, that pompous windbag, Stephen A. Smith has begun to got on TV talking politics. I thought it was a joke until I saw it with my own two eyes. Here are two idiots bantering about the Presidential races: Stephen A. and Pat Buchanon.

Here is another classic Stephen A. clip. He is on with Paula Zahn and former Howard Stern regular guest Debbie Schlussel (Howard and Artie literally made fun of her for minutes on end every time she called in) talking about living in a Christian country with Atheists.

Then you have the time he was on Hardball with Chris Matthews (last week) and discussed the presidential races. He threw his hat in the ring for....wait for it....Mike Huckabee!

SMITH: And then also you have to take into account, you have an abundance of African American voters out there who really are questioning how viable he was. At least, up to this point. That may not be the case now, but it was certainly something that a lot of African Americans were concerned about, because as an African American, I can tell you I was concerned it. I looked at it and I said to myself, how viable is it that Barack Obama can end up really challenging for the presidency of the United States? Because I didn‘t want to put somebody as a representative of the Democrats to go up against the Republican that has absolutely no shot of doing it. That is still an issue to a lot of African-Americans in this country.

SMITH: Well I have the pleasure of meeting him. He actually came on my television show about a year ago. I have a lot of respect for John McCain. I think he‘s got a lot of potential. But the guy that I would pick is Huckabee. I don‘t want to talk about Giuliani. Please don‘t bring him up. He‘s the man in New York City we are from. I think that he is the worst possible candidate imaginable considering the fact that you have a president in George W. Bush in office right now who is considered a bit of a dictator. Imagine following that up with Giuliani in terms of international relations and foreign relations.

SMITH: I think about Huckabee and what he stands for. I think Huckabee comes across as more honest. He is constantly preaching about the importance to following the constitution. I think he represents the values that Republicans try to live off of, where Giuliani certainly doesn‘t do that. Mitt Romney, you don‘t know whether he is telling the truth from day to day because of that fake smile on his face. Fred Thompson, he‘s got the picture. McCain, we love him, but he is a bit older now and you just don‘t know if he has the durability to really do what‘s right over the long road. I think Huckabee is the obvious choice.

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