Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Media Day Was Made for Tom Brady

If there was one person you would want to trade places with for a weekend in sports, it has to be Tom Brady. Seriously, he has overtaken Derek Jeter as the coolest guy in sports by far. This guy's life doesn't suck: NFL MVP, dates a super model, movie star good looks, knows how to handle himself with the media, and nobody ever says a bad thing about him. His teammates, coaches, media, ex-girlfriends, nobody. How many people can leave a hollywood actress for the biggest super model in the business, then find out the ex is pregnant, and still come away smelling like a rose? It must be amazing to be able to walk into a room and know you can pretty much pick out any woman and take her home. Chicks can pull that move, but not many guys can. Guys like Brady, Jeter, and Matt Leinhart know that feeling. Solid.

Today he was obviously the center of attention at Super Bowl media day, perhaps the most-covered spectacle in sports. Nothing like thousands of media honks asking stupid questions for hours on end. We have found our star of media. No, it wasn't a player, but a rather clever TV Azteca reporter who showed up in a wedding dress. Ines Gomez Mont made quite the impression when she fought to the front and asked Tom Brady if he would marry her. Solid and creative move by her. Trust me when i tell you this will be talked about for years. Right up there with Ray Buchanan wearing the dog collar and calling out Shannon Sharpe as Mr. Ed.

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