Sunday, January 6, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

I'm sick watching this Steeler comeback. Sick. I despise them. The field is an absolute joke. Coming home from dinner, we were listening to the Steelers radio call on Sirius. Bill Hillgrove and Tunch Illkin ( i think) are the worst. What homers? They are both embarrassments. Please Jaguars, I beg you, pull this one out. Another thing I found out tonight was that Britney Spears' parents are named Jamie and Lynn. They named their second daughter Jamie Lynn? Straight trash technique! ALL RIGHT DAVID GARRARD!!! What a scramble on 4th and 2!!! 32 yards!!! I love it.

#3 Kansas 85 Boston College 60 - I'm obviously biased, but wow, that was one serious ass kicking KU laid on BC. Less anyone think Kansas is not amongst the best in the country, this game clinched it. They did it inside and out, but the post play of Darnell Jackson, Darrell Arthur, and Sasha Kaun were unstoppable. It was an alley-oop contest between the three. Jackson had a career high 25 with nine boards. Arthur had 22 and seven boards. Kaun had eight and five off the bench. They collected 10 steals and seven blocked shots.

#5 UCLA 70 Cal 58 - If you didn't see Russell Westbrook's throw down over two Cal defenders, get to a highlight of it somehow. Kevin Love owned DeVon Hardin in the post to the tune of 19 and 14.

#4 Washington State 56 Washington 52 - Nothing like a 20-17 halftime score to get those juices flowing! Regardless, Wazzu once again showed it is one of the most mentally tough teams in the country, coming back on the road against their in-state rivals. Arron Baynes led the Cougs with 16. P.S. Is there a more overrated coach in America than U-Dub's Lorenzo Romar?

#6 Michigan State 65 Minnesota 59 - Kind of surprised that the Spartans let Minnesota hang around all game long, since there is a huge disparity in talent levels. I guess that's what happens though when you shoot 3-15 from deep. Give Tubby Smith credit for coaching for once folks. MSU's Raymar Morgan led all scorers with 31 and keeps getting better.

#7 Georgetown 58 Rutgers 46 - Could the the Hoyas be more unimpressive and boring? They don't care, as long as they keep winning. Roy Hibbert? Overrated. He had just six points. Opposing coaches have figured out how to neutralize him; run up and down the floor and he will either tire himself out or get into foul trouble.

#10 Texas A&M 79 LSU 53 - I can say this with conviction, LSU coach John Brady has nine lives and he's on his last one. If he is still coaching there next year, I'll shave my head. Those Aggies just keep on winning.

#14 Texas 82 #24 St. Mary's 64 - Nice bounce-back for the Longhorns who now have a second post presence in Freshman Gary Johnson. Rick Barnes has wasted no time, moving Johnson right into the starting lineup. He had 15 and six boards in 26 minutes. DJ Augustine led everyone with 30. St. Mary's star G Patrick Mills had just 12.

#15 Vanderbilt 97 UMass 88 - OK, I'm off your case Kevin Stallings. This was a quality win and Shan Foster is a full fledged college star. His 32 points were the difference. What a one-two punch they have going with Foster and AJ Ogilvy (25 points). Oh, the 13 three pointers didn't hurt either.

#20 Stanford 52 USC 46 - Stat of the day: Stanford had one player in double figures (Anthony Goods' 11) and shot 27% from the field and won! Ball hog extraordinaire OJ Mayo put up another 5-19 game for USC.

Oregon 84 #21 Arizona 74 - It has to be noted that Arizona was without stud PG Jerryd Bayless. That said, this was a huge win for the Ducks who seem to have figured out that the Tajuan Porter show is not the way to win games. Ernie Kent moved him to the bench and it worked. Malik Hairston had 29 points. The Ducks were without injured PF Joevan Catron.

Arkansas 85 Baylor 78 - A game with big NCAA Tournament implications. The Razorbacks responded to our brutal criticism's and won a tough road game in Waco bu outscoring the Bears 44-30 in the second half. Gary Ervin - four assists, ZERO turnovers!

Louisville 89 Kentucky 75 - It just keeps getting worse for Billy Gillispie. This isn't what he signed up for. He needs to get his own players in there. Seems to me the Tubby Smith recruits have already tuned him out. Reminds us of the first two years of the Bill Self era when Keith Langford was a big baby concerning Bill Self's tough love approach.


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