Thursday, January 17, 2008

End the MLS...NOW

If there was even a call to end Major League Soccer in America, this is it. It was bad enough last year when the New York team changed their name to "The Red Bulls." OK, that was passable, even though it was a sponsorship. But today came the news that Chicago's team, the Fire will essentially now be known as "Best Buy." While they claim the name Fire will still exist, look at the picture of the jerseys. Do you see the name "Fire" on there anywhere other than that 2 inch logo? I know I don't. Not that anyone will care because clearly nobody does. Quick, name two teams in the league. Name three players in the league not named David Beckham. You can't. Neither can I. If your league is this desperate that your teams have to have sponsors across the front of your jersey in big bold letters, its probably not a good sign. This isn't Europe where that works. Look at that picture. What a deuche! MLS RULES!!!!

Best Buy? This just might be the worst - Greg Couch, Chicago Sun-Times


G.M.F.B. said...

you're retarded, every soccer team in the world has some kind of sponsor on the jersey (or more than 1 in many cases). It's about the sport, not locale. Some teams of course have charities on them (Barcelona, Boca). Don't blog if you don't know anything.

BDH said...

This year's early leader for worst blog post of the year.

larry b said...

I don't give a shit about soccer or the MLS, but this is just dumb. Like gmfb up there points out, nearly every pro soccer team in the world has a corporate logo prominently featured. Going one step further and actually naming teams after sponsors is a bit of stretch. But at least it proves there's a market out there.

What's your next post going to be about? Do you need some more cliched targets to go after? Picking on the NHL is a little 2005ish, but you could go in that direction. How about the WNBA? You could also go way out on a limb and point out that athletes get paid too much money these days.

You're an idiot.