Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 Things That Aren't Going to Happen

1. Me becoming a seven foot tall billionaire.

2. Paris Hilton becoming an introvert who likes to stay home with her dog at night.

3. The Cleveland economy booming like it did in the mid-90's.

4. George W. Bush being revered as a great President.

5. The Paparrazzi cease following Britney Spears around.

6. Barry Bonds being innocent of using performance enhancing drugs.

7. Curt Schilling deciding he doesn't want to talk anymore.

8. The U.S. dollar regaining it's full strength in the next 30 days.

9. Guys not enjoying going to strip clubs anymore.

10. Bill Self leaving Kansas for Oklahoma State.

This has been a constant source of laughter in Lawrence, because we know how ridiculous this truly is. In his weekly
Hoop Thoughts column on, Seth Davis broached the subject by saying There are rumors flying around that Sean Sutton isn't exactly on terra firma at Oklahoma State, partly because some folks in Stillwater harbor fantasies that they can throw enough money at Bill Self to get him to come home. I find that highly unlikely.

Think about this for a second. Yes, Self is Oklahoma born and bred and a graduate of Oklahoma State. But does anyone really think he'd leave one of the top five programs in America for a middling Oklahoma State program? When hired at KU, Self described it as his "dream job." He has all of the tools he needs; being the #1 game in the state by a mile; playing games in the best place to see a college game; a hardcore, loyal fan base; The "Kansas" name on the recruiting trail, where he has shown what he can be one of the best recruiters in the country; a beautiful campus and family enviornment to sell kids on. There is just zero shot that he would give that up.

Speaking of the Self and the Jayhawks, they take on Iowa State on ESPN tonight at 7 PM EST. It should be another ho hum blowout win at Allen Fieldhouse. KU historically has had trouble with ISU teams. When I was in college, the two schools had some epic battles. The Cyclones were coached by Tim Floyd and they had talent. Fred Hoiberg, Kelvin Cato, Dedric Willoughby, and Loren Meyer to name a few. What about the very handsome Julius Michalik? My man was captain of the all-ugly team.

In my 14 years of following KU basketball, I have only seen one loss at Allen Fieldhouse. Just one. My four years at KU, they were 58-0 at home (ironically, the 60 game streak was ended by Iowa in December 1998). The one loss came in February of 2005 against Iowa State. 63-61 in OT. That ended a 32 game home winning streak. That was the day I knew J.R. Giddens could never make it at KU. He was 1-11 from three, 3-16 for the game and missed nine straight. The Allen Fieldhouse crowd, for the first and only time I can ever remember, booed Giddens unmercifully. Walking out of Allen Fieldhouse after a loss was a surreal feeling. We all looked at each other as if we didn't know what to do. I had never, ans haven't since that day, walked out of Allen Fieldhouse a loser.

Just some boring background for you. I don't expect anyone will have that same feeling tonight. My annual return this year is set for the big rivalry game against Kansas State March 1st.

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