Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to Back

Oh those poor Buckeye fans. Last night was such a tease. Take the early lead with a big play, grab the momentum, feel like you are on top of the world, and then watch as a superior team blows past you and never looks back. Here are my random thoughts from last night. FYI - We got the late start today because MTAC Jr decided to be up screaming and crying from 1:30-2:30. Unfortunately, it was daddy's turn.

1. What a start by the Buckeyes. Get the ball first and watch Beanie Wells rumble for a 65 yard touchdown. Hold LSU to a three and out, drive 51 yards, and kick a field goal and go up 10-0 midway through the first quarter. The big contingent of Buckeye fans seemed to roaring. I thought at this point to myself the LSU defense was very overrated and Beanie would control the game on the ground, opening up the passing game for Todd Boeckmann.

2. Speaking of that LSU defense, is it just me, or do you not get what all the fuss is over Glenn Dorsey? I know he clogged up the middle all night, blah, blah, blah. But why is is that Beanie Wells ran for 146 yards on 20 carries? The best defensive player on the field last night for LSU was backup safety Harry Coleman who stepped in for the injured Craig Steltz. He seemed to be everywhere.

3. Everyone will talk about this so we cannot overlook it: How do you have five 15 yard penalties in one game, let alone the national title game? To me, the biggest play of the game was the roughing the kicker penalty on a punt in the third quarter with the score 24-10. The Buckeyes had a big hold and were about to get the ball back with a chance to make it a one score game. The the roughing penalty hit. First down LSU. Next thing you know, Matt Flynn is hitting Early Doucet for a TD pass to cap off an 80 yard drive and putting LSU up 31-10. 31 straight points by the Tigers. For all intents and purposes, the game ended right there.

4. Once LSU took control, Ohio State was forced into obvious passing situations and LSU sent the house. Boeckmann was hit several times and was unable to really get anything going deep. He was sacked five times. Two big fourth downs were turned away because of the LSU blitz. The speed we heard so much about was on display.

5. It took Jim Tressel all year to figure out that RB Brandon Saine deserves to be on the field. Buried being Senior scrub Maurice Wells all year long, Saine came out of the backfield three time and caught passes to the tune of 69 yards, including a 44 yarder on the second drive of the game. Sometimes Tressel is loyal to a fault with his veterans and this is the case with Mo Wells. I only remember seeing him on the field once last night. It was a big third down in the second quarter and he failed to pick up a blitz, Boeckmann was hit and subsequently fumbled.
6. Give Matt Flynn credit. Other than his interception in the third quarter he threw to Malcolm Jenkins, he played a flawless game. Four TD passes, two to TE Richard Dickson, and a beautifully managed game. Flynn will never play in the NFL. He does nothing spectacular, but he led his team to a national title.

7. When was the last time you saw eight different players carry the ball for one team? I'd say never. While the LSU ground game wasn't great (only averaged 3.1 yards per carry), they were effective enough to keep the OSU defense honest. Jacob Hester led the Tigers with 21 carries, but seven others carried the ball. Speedy Keiland Williams busted two 10 yard runs and Richard Murphy had a 24 yard run.

8. Back to the Buckeyes, I can't say they were as bad as they were last year. They put up 24 points (although the last TD was a gimme), they came up with a few big stops when they needed them, but the penalties and turnovers killed them. You don't win many games when you turn the ball over three times and have five 15 yard penalties called on you. Bottom line, the better team won.

9. LSU won the BCS title, but does anyone think that they are 100% the best team in the country? Wouldn't you love to see LSU play USC or Georgia now? It looks like we could be moving towards a
Final Four in College Football according to two conference commissioners.

10. The Fox coverage is so ghetto. Thom Brennaman is an excellent baseball play by play guy, but football? Not so much. Who is Charles Davis? That's the best Fox can do for a color man for the National Title Game? How many more times can they show the bands? Give me replays of the plays and show me the players. I don't care about the Ohio State or LSU bands and nobody does except for their families.

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