Thursday, January 3, 2008

In Game Blogging - Orange Bowl Style

Pregame action: The Fox broadcast network. Their coverage is good. Good and terrible. D0 you believe this Kenny Albert clown? Marv's son. You think if his name was Kenny Jones he would ever have sniffed national broadcasts? Not a chance. Joe Buck is the man and he is a legacy, so it's not that I am anti-nepotism. I'm anti-Kenny Albert.

One of his two color men is former Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez. The guy couldn't be more uncomfortable on camera unless he was being held at gunpoint. Albert actually just referred to my alma mater as "UK." Did you know I went to Kentucky???? Is that a joke?

8:15 KU comes out of the tunnel is the Red uni's. LOVE it. Mangino is in his customary all black. I've got a good feeling. Oh, by the way, I'm way more interested in the Boston College game KU plays on Saturday in hoops in Chesnut Hill.

8:18 MTAC's #6 babe, Katherine McPhee sings the national anthem. Ah, the beauty, the pipes, the face. Love her.

8:20 Kick return by Va Tech's Eddie Royal all the way to the Kansas 40 yard line. Only the kicker stopped him from scoring. Could be a long night for our boys.

8:23 First down pass from Sean Glennon on a third and 8. ugh.

8:25 In steps Va Tech Freshman QB and running threat Tyrod Taylor. Oh lord. Monster Sack by Russell Brorsen. He ripped Taylor's helmet off.

8:25 Back to back sacks! Joe Mortensen this time. Any relation to Chris? When i think back to back sacks, I think of my days in Lawrence when I'd buy back to back sacks.

8:29 Todd Reesing steps on the field. They show his stats. 32 TDs and six picks. Sick.

8:31 Derek Fine loses his helmet and makes an absolute sweet catch for a first down. Follow that up with a Brandon McAnderson 18 yard catch and the Hawks are in business at the 50.

8:33 Kerry Meier makes a first down catch with his mullett waving in the wind. Naturally Mr. I wouldn't have my job if my last name wasn't Albert points out he was last year's starting QB. That is the worst kept secret for anyone that has watched Big 12 Football this year.

8:35 KU going on 4th and 1 at the Va Tech 31. Encroachment by Va Tech! First down Hawks. Mangino is a genius. KU went up to the line in a hurry and the Hokies didn't know how to react.

8:38 It's now pouring in Miami. I know, big shocker. Reesing on third and 10 misses a wide open Marcus Henry in the end zone.

8:39 Jeff Webb, as he did against Mizzou, misses a 44 yard FG wide left. weak. Even weaker, I was just informed that my brother's ex-wife sent out holiday cards with my nephew and niece's picture on it and not only did she not send one to me, but didn't send one to my mother either. That would be the grandmother of those kids.

8:43 Taylor hits Royal for a first down pass. Alvarez is a complete mush mouth and can't spit out what he wants to say. This Fox broadcast is laughable.

8:44 Aqib Talib!!!!! Pick six baby!!!! Stepped right in front of a Taylor pass ot the sideline. 60 yards and high steps it into the endzone. 7-0 Hawks. 15 yard penalty for the high step which is so weak. Come on refs. Let the kid have his moment. Lots of waving of the wheat going on at that horrible stadium.

8:50 Thank you Josh Morgan. Making like his name was Quincy Morgan, he drops a pass right in his hands after he beat Talib in the end zone. Big players make big plays in big games. Clearly, Josh Morgan doesn't fit that mold.

8:54 Va Tech attempts a 49 yard field goal that is way short. Talib actually returns it to the 40. You just knew that kick didn't have a shot.

9:01 I come to my senses and realize there is no way I can continue doing this.

Good Night Now....

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