Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Memo to David Spade: No Love without the Glove! According to TMZ, the actor known for getting hot chicks way over his ski's allegedly has knocked up 22 year old former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace. Grace is best known as the playmate who was discovered by Howard Stern via a letter from Jillian's mom when she was 18 saying her daughter was Playboy material. Stern had her own the show, had a Playboy photographer look at her pictures and she ended up March 2005 Playmate of the Month. Spade told TMZ, "I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility." Meanwhile, this will for sure screw things up for Spade in his alleged new relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

The Michigan fans have been waiting for a coach with some edge. Now they got him. Looks like Rich Rodriguez
left his replacement a present in the form of shredded documents. My man Coach Rod is a serious bridge burner. Makes no sense.

The new sign off on emails is
I'm out like Brad Renfro.

Lions fans are taking it to the power of the pen when it comes to their anger with GM Matt Millen.
A petition calling for his dismissal has surfaced. We signed it and we could care less about the Honolulu Blue and Silver.

A much needed and
big win for Mitt Romney in Michigan. Interesting that we've had three Republican primaries, and three different winners. At least Mike Huckabee is fading. We still say McCain is going to come out the winner.

On the other side, the big winner in the Democratic debate last night was
Hillary Clinton. As Chris Matthews of MSNBC said last night after the debate, she acted as if she was the President right now and the two people next to her were working under her on the sane page. John Edwards did everything he could to differentiate himself from his two opponents. Barack Obama did a nice job, but took a back seat to Hillary. I'll say this, I was no Hillary fan going into last night, but she greatly improved her standing with me after the debate.

Yesterday's Congressional hearings over performance enhancing drugs in baseball was nothing more than a snooze-fest.
What did we really learn besides nothing? The only thing halfway interesting was the potential investigation of Astros SS Miguel Tejada for lying to investigators.

My boy, the great Randy Rash himself, has a daughter (1 1/2 years old) named Winter Harlow. His wife is from LA and has friends in the business. Last week, Nicole Richie had her baby, a girl, and named her
Harlow Winter. When he first told me, I thought it had to be a coincidence, but is it possible she got the name from my boy?

NBA trade deadline is a month away. What teams will make moves that will matter besides none?

National Love for the Man-Crush Darnell Jackson. In the interest of full disclosure, the author, Jason King, used to be the KU beat reporter for the KC Star.

#11 Michigan State 66 Ohio State 60 - Thank goodness I don't bet anymore. I would have buried the Spartans. Coming off of three straight uninspiring performances, one would figure Izzo's bunch would be up for this one. Well they were for the first half at least. They jumped out to a 13 point lead at the half, but a 25-7 Buckeye run put them right back in the game early in the second half. Jamar Butler's 21 points weren't enough as the inconsistent Spartans held on. Again they struggled with their shooting (37%). Raymar Morgan played only 19 minutes, Travis Walton went 0-7 from the field and if not for an unlikely 5-6, 11 point performance from Drew Naymick, the Spartans may have lost this one. We've said it a bunch lately, we aren't impressed with this team.

#17 Wisconsin 80 Penn State 55 - Is there a more underrated coach than Bo Ryan and a more under the radar team than the Badgers? They went into Happy Valley, jumped out 18-2, and crushed the Nittany Lions, shooting 59% for the game. Michael Flowers had a spectacular all around game with 23 points, five assists, and six rebounds. As a team, they nailed 10-18 threes and out-rebounded Penn State 39-21. "Sometimes you grind gears early and you have to get it an another stage in the game, so it was a great way to start," Badgers coach Bo Ryan said.

#23 Clemson 70 NC State 54 - Everyone strokes the ACC every year as "the best conference in America." You tell me outside of UNC, Duke, and Clemson who you are scared of? Look at NC State for example. This was supposed to be the fourth best team in the conference and they are a joke. BC? They lost at home to Robert Morris. I don't care if they are 3-0 in conference thus far. Miami? Their best win is over little sisters of the poor. Georgia Tech is 7-8. Florida State lost to Cleveland State. At least Clemson is a good squad. Four Tigers were in double figures and defensively they locked down Brandon Costner, holding him scoreless.

Boston College 76 #24 Miami 66 - How is Miami ranked? Their best player Jack McClinton was just 6-26 for a Canes team who shot 31% for the game. BC's Freshman Rakim Sanders had 20 as the Eagles moved to first place in the ACC at 3-0. Tyrelle Blair had 11 points, 12 rebounds, and five blocks.

Mississippi State 69 Kentucky 64 - You just knew the Wildcats weren't winning this game coming off the emotional home win against Vanderbilt. Jamont Gordan had 24 and Jarvis Varnado had a triple double, 10 points, 12 boards, and 10 blocks. Wildcat Guards Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley combined for 42 of the Cats 64.

Baylor 79 Oklahoma State 71 - Can Scott Drew's Bears really be an NCAA Tournament team? Why not? They are now 14-2 with wins at Notre Dame, at Wichita State, and at South Carolina.

Notre Dame 91 Cincinnati 74 - Nice bounce back by the Irish after getting annihilated by Marquette on Saturday.

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