Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Happy New Year to my peeps. As you know, we are college hoops-centric here at MTAC, but yesterday was the day for college football, even we are giddy with it. We watched two terrific games early with Tennessee/Wisconsin and Florida/Michigan. Though the best game may have been the one nobody was watching other than the Stat Guru was was in attendance watching his Virginia Cavaliers choke away a big lead and lose to Texas Tech in Jacksonville. Sorry brotha! Big 12 rules. So what did you do on New Years Eve, aka Amateur Night? Lets check on in some celebs and their plans on this, the b-day of the great Uncle Kenny:

Top 10 MTAC babe
Kim Kardashian's new years resolution is to eat better, but keep her curves. We couldn't agree more with that Kim! The same goes for her man, Reggie Bush. (Our friends at The Big Lead deserve credit for finding this gem of a photo.

We are so finished with
Pam Anderson. Peep the New Year's photos with her. She is as out as Raising the Roof.

The Hills Crew spent New Year's Eve at the Club LAX in Las Vegas. Everyone was there, including your boy Justin/Bobby. The weak beav attention whores, errr, sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton were there as well.

Does anyone really care about
Mariah Carey anymore? Someone needs to tell her that dresses she wore four years ago she no longer fits into.

Went and saw the movie
Juno tonight. It was excellent. A must see.

The Outback Bowl: Tennessee 21 Wisconsin 17 - A very entertaining game, especially on the treadmill during the morning nap of MTAC Jr. Erik Ainge threw for 365 yards and two TD's, but it was the Tennessee defense that came up with the big stops when they needed it. They battered Badgers QB Tyler Donovan all game long. He literally was being punished and he kept coming back for more. Undaunted, he led a drive all the way down to the Vols 20 yard line with less than a minute to go, before forcing a pass that was picked off in the end zone to seal the W. Donovan's curious decision to throw the ball away on a 4th and 2 deep in Tennessee territory with six minutes left was a killer. Even worse was the decision to throw. Here's a question, is Erik Ainge an NFL QB?

The Cotton Bowl: Missouri 38 Arkansas 7 - Big 12 baby! Snubbed by the BCS (wrongfully), Gary Pinkel's club took it out on the Razorbacks who never had a chance against the Chase Daniel spread. The license plate that ran over the Arkansas D all game long said "TEMPLE." RB Tony Temple set a new Cotton Bowl record with 281 yards and 4 TD's. Houston Nutt was probably thanking his lucky stars that he was in Oxford, Mississippi for this debacle. Good for Mizzou who deserved better than this schwag opponent.

The Capital One Bowl: Michigan 41 Florida 35 - In a battle of two pathetic defenses and two great offenses, the Wolverines sent Lloyd Carr out with a W and carried him off the field. Chad Henne threw bullets all over the field to the tune 373 yards and three TD's. Meanwhile, big mouth Mike Hart may have rushed for 129 yards and two TD's, but he fumbled twice inside the Florida 10, two of Michigan's four turnovers. Otherwise, the Blue scored over 50 points and wins in a walk. At least the Michigan Seniors finally won a meaningful game in their careers after going a collective 0-7 against Ohio State and in bowl games until this one. Really disturbing was that Allstate awarded its NATIONAL Coach of the Year award to Carr. The guy lost to Appalachian State, his bitter rival for the 5th time in six years, and was pushed into retirement, yet he wins coach of the year? Sentimentality is overrated.

The Gator Bowl: Texas Tech 31 Virginia 28 - Al Groh may have written his own walking papers with this colossal choke job. A 14 point early fourth quarter lead and Groh becomes ultra-conservative against a team that is known for throwing almost every down and scoring in bunches in a hurry. Bad move. Poor Stat Guru. His beloved Cavaliers blew an easily winnable game with him in attendance. Graham Harrell led the furious comeback with 17 unanswered fourth quarter points, including the game winning 41 yard field goal with two seconds left. Harrell finished 44-69 for 407 yards and three TD's. 69 passing attempts? Wow.

USC 49 Illinois 17 - This will teach the Rose Bowl from going traditional int he future instead of what is the best game. How much better would a USC/Georgia Rose Bowl been? The Illini didn't belong on the same field as the Trojans, who trailed 21-0 in the blink of an eye. USC racked up a Rose Bowl record 633 yards of offense, including 344 on the ground. This against the team that knocked off the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes on their home field. Playoff anyone? Anyone else think that USC would be the team to beat if there was an eight team playoff right now? Illini QB Juice Williams speed was completely neutralized by the USC defense, which is by far the best in the country.

Georgia 38 Hawaii 3 - This was written at the end of the third quarter. Speaking of teams who didn't belong on the field, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Can we now put the rest the "Colt Brennan is a first rounder" talk? It's a different story when you are facing San Jose State than Georgia isn't it? Brennan looked completely lost from the first snap on. The speed of the Georgia defense was something Hawaii had never seen. They couldn't pass. They couldn't run. ESPN's Lee Corso lost all credibility with me in picking Hawaii to win this game. If the BCS bowls were done all over again, Georgia would play USC in the Rose Bowl and Missouri would have gotten Hawaii in the Sugar and exposed them in the same manor Georgia did.

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