Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens - Good at Lying

Who else watched the Roger Clemens/Mike Wallace CBS last night? If you didn't, make sure you give it a look. It must be noted that while Mike Wallace is one of the great investigative journalists of all time, he is a Yankees season ticket holder, is known to spend several games a year in George Steinbrenner's box, and is a friend of Clemens. I haven't believed his denials from day one, but last night clinched it for me for several reasons:

1. During the interview, Clemens said that his former trainer Brian McNamee did indeed inject him with B-12 and Lidocaine, a painkiller. Here's a question, why would he allow anyone to inject him with anything when he can do it himself if he needs to? Also, B-12 also comes in pill form, why the need to inject it?

2. When Wallace brought up Andy Pettitte, Clemens's best friend and training partner, Clemens claimed he had no idea that Pettitte had ever taken HGH. Andy had never told him about it, neither did McNamee. How is that believable? Your best friend and the guy you train with took HGH, yet you've never discussed it until it was unearthed five years later? Come on Roger, we aren't that naive.

3. Wallace asked him if he would take a lie detector test and he danced around it by saying he would, but what would that prove? Lie detectors aren't always accurate. If you are indeed innocent, wouldn't you yell with fire and brimstone that you'll take any test because you know you are innocent?

4. He was asked what kind of penalties anyone found guilty of steroid use should receive from MLB and he said ""I think it's a self-inflicted penalty. They break down quick. It's a quick fix. They're in and out of the game." Why didn't he call for a strict penalty for all the cheaters who had tainted the game if he isn't one of the guilty parties?

5. He brought up how he had taken Vioxx for many years, an arthritis medication that was recalled because of heart attack risk. This was a complete diversion tactic by Clemens. He said he ate Vioxx "like they were Skittles."

My opinion? He actually made things worse for himself and looked even more guilty than he did before. ESPN's Jerry Crasnick wrote a great column on that is a must read. He says the interview didn't give us any kind of closure, but hits many great points. Also, this morning, Clemens has
filed a defamation suit against McNamee. In nine days, Clemens may or may not testify in front of Congress as he has been subpoenaed. If he really is innocent, he will deny everything under oath. If he takes the fifth, it will say it all and his image will be forever tainted.

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