Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Browns Extend Chud...Great Move

I know this is yesterday's news (we were loaded up yesterday), but smartly, Browns GM Phil Savage extended the contract of offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski through 2011. Chud backed out of his scheduled interview for the head coaching position in Baltimore. Said Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome "He said the reason why was he just had a new baby and he wanted to maintain that stability there. I respect that."

Meanwhile, Romeo Crennel's agent Joe Linta continues to lobby in the press for a three year extension. Sorry, that is an absolute joke. If Savage has any brains at all (which I think he does), he has to know that while Crennel is loved in the locker room and by the media, he was on his way out if it weren't for the revitalization of this offense. Chudzinski was the guy that made that happen. Lets not forget that Crennel was the guy who stuck with Maurice Carthon as his offensive coordinator at the risk of losing his own credibility. This is also the guy who tossed a coin to decide between Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, then TOLD THE MEDIA ABOUT IT!

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