Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Perusing the web this morning, I came across a classic. The Colorado Women's Basketball team has two players on it's team who's fame overshadows every other student at the University. First, its the Big 12 Rookie of the Week Britney Spears. Her sophomore teammate? Whitney Houston. This is the kind of stuff you just cannot make up. Like when i was a Freshman in college, my buddy went to Wisconsin and lived in the Towers on the same floor as Howard Stern and Bob Seger. Not kidding. They were put together as roommates too.

Roger Clemens has officially reached the insanity level. He is really taking a chance by
leaking a taped conversation between himself and Brian McNamee from last week. The entire conversation is Clemens pushing McNamee into admitting he lied, except McNamee wouldn't take the bait. Little known fact is that McNamee has a son who is ill and he has backed himself into a corner financially. I'm quoting a poster from ESPN.com who I think nails it: The man's son is dying, and Clemens uses this as an excuse call McNamee and try and pull something out of him. If you cannot hear how fake Clemens is in this phone conversation, get your ears checked. And yet, McNamee never once says Clemens didn't do it, interesting. What an absolutely disgusting move by Clemens to try and take advantage of a person in a fragile state of mind.

Not that any of you care, but long time University of Detroit coach
Perry Watson has taken a leave of absence. Longtime assistant and friend of MTAC Kevin Mondro will take over.

In real coaching news
Hall of Fame Redskins coach Joe Gibbs is retiring. If you ask me, there are fewer class individuals in the profession than Gibbs. He kept this team together through the Sean Taylor tragedy and got them to the playoffs. You'd have to say his return to the Redskins was a mild success and he has left them in much better shape than when he arrived.

For the first time since before we were born, Kansas Football had two players named first team All American. Now both
Aqib Talib and Anthony Collins have announced their intentions to turn pro. Collins, an offensive tackle has one of the best nicknames you will ever hear: "Mama's Gotta Eat."

Remember the hecklers who fired Lebron James up Sunday during the win over Toronto. Well it turns out it was
Chris Bosh's Girlfriend and Cousin.

Jay Bilas ripped Michigan Basketball Coach in this great rant: I detest having to bring this up again because I love John Beilein and think he was a great choice for Michigan, and that he will do a good job there in time. But, what is he talking about?! Beilein has taken great pains to suggest that his players don't know a basketball from a bowling ball, that his players are "learning how to play college basketball" and that when the Michigan coaches "give their wisdom to them, it's got to be almost a Montessori experience." What?! Beilein makes his players sound so stupid and clueless that it is insulting. First, and I say this as a guy who thinks that basketball is far more complicated than most seem to understand, to refer to your own basketball understanding as "wisdom" seems a bit much. Knowledge, yes. Wisdom, take a pill. Even John Wooden wouldn't refer to his own knowledge as "wisdom." Second, if your system is so complicated that you need to refer to recruited athletes and students admitted to the University of Michigan as the basketball equivalent of toddlers, maybe you should simplify things so you can compete favorably with Harvard, Central Michigan or Western Kentucky. Beilein has no depth (because of attrition), but Manny Harris (consensus top-50 recruit), DeShawn Sims (consensus top-50 recruit), Kelvin Grady (heavily recruited) and Ekpe Udoh (heavily recruited) are all good enough and smart enough to be competitive. Heck, Purdue is full of freshmen and sophomores, and its players are not being referred to as if they are idiots. Michigan is off to its worst start in 25 years, and it is not all the players' fault. Nobody is complaining about the poor play because Beilein deserves time to do it his way. Nobody asked me for my advice, and I understand that. But, if I were in Beilein's situation, I would quit making so many excuses and save my breath for teaching. Or, maybe I'm not smart enough to get it, either.

Is there a bigger fraud than Dr. Phil? What kind of "psychologist" interjects themselves into the Britney Spears situation, then holds a press conference right after seeing her in the hospital? Isn't that violating the confidentiality of a doctor and a "patient?" Worst of all, he was trying to turn this into a TV special about Britney. Luckily, with all of the
rightful heat he is getting, reports are now out that this bald a-hole has cancelled his Britney Spears show.

I guess that non-conference road win over Boston College doesn't look as good as it did Saturday for my KU Jayhawks.
BC lost last night to Robert Morris. At Home. Yikes.

Speaking of College Hoops, for all of you Big Ten honks out there, MTAC spies have found a great take tying in the
conference and the Presidential Candidates.

Finally, according to our friends at NBA Draft.net at #46, The Cleveland Cavaliers select, Darnell Jackson, PF from Kansas

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