Monday, January 14, 2008

Straight Cash, Homey

Paul Pierce was a year behind me at KU. My wife took a class with him in which he, as well as my boy Billy Thomas enjoyed looking over her shoulder during tests. Such is the life of a college superstar. The class was called Crime and Delinquency.

Our friends and mentors at
The Big Lead have come across this story about our boy "The Truth" and his evident hatred for using plastic. Per Page Six in the New York Post:

January 14, 2008 -- IS Paul Pierce trying to avoid leaving a paper trail? The Boston Celtics star - in town to play the New Jersey Nets - refused to put down a credit card to reserve a table at Meatpacking District hub Tenjune last Thursday night. Club sources told Page Six that Pierce also refused to sign a contract for the table and insisted on paying $2,000 cash instead. As Pierce negotiated with the adamant crew, an earwitness heard him say in exasperation, "Do you know who I am, and how much money I make?" Then he stormed away to find a more accommodating establishment.

To quote the great Randy Moss:

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