Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Terrelle Pryor Update

All Buckeye Fans be worried...Be very worried. No, I'm not talking about the LSU speed on both sides of the ball, I'm talking about your hated rival Michigan. Why should you be worried? Because Lloyd Carr is officially out the door and Rich Rodriguez, his innovative offense and tireless recruiting style are coming for you. The big news that slid under the national radar on December 31st was that the #1 QB prospect in the country, Terrelle Pryor, seems to be inching closer and closer to Ann Arbor.

When Lloyd was at the helm, Pryor barely listed Michigan in his top 10, but West Virginia was at the top of his list with Ohio State. The same day Rodriguez took the Michigan job, Pryor moved Michigan to the top with OSU. Now comes word that all Pryor is waiting for is the almost certain transfer of Michigan Freshman QB Ryan Mallett. Once that happens, Pryor will commit,
according to Jonas Gray, a high school all American RB who is writing a diary for Gray will attend Notre Dame in the fall.

Mallett is a classic Michigan drop back guy who doesn't fit what the new regime will be preaching. It makes a lot of sense for Pryor to end up at Michigan. He is the perfect QB for the spread option run by Rodriguez. At 6-6, 220, he has been described as "Vince Young with a cannon arm." Ohio State has been on Pryor early and often, but Michigan seems to be gaining ground quickly. Said ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, if Pryor ends up at Michigan "he will start from day one and they will become an nine win team instantly." Without him, Herbie says they win 5-6 games tops.

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