Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Bitterman On Why Romeo Must Go

With word out of Berea that the Browns are willing to listen to offers for QB Derek Anderson, the talk of what should go down this offseason has already begun. What should the Browns do at QB? Do they give Jamal Lewis a long term deal? What are they going to do to improve the pathetic defense? These are all valid questions. Here is another valid question. Why is it when I put in a photo that is long and narrow on the side, why is it that the format screws me unless I have a long paragraph next to it (you like that filler?).

But what about Romeo Crennel? He enters next year just a year away from the dreaded lame duck status. The Deez, one of MTAC's top field correspondents says Romeo must go. A disclaimer: I disagree with what he has to say here, but he raises some valid points. Here is some back and forth between the Deez, MTAC, and our Tribe/Michigan Football insider:

DEEZ: the NFL sucks. fire crennel.

TMFI: You fire a guy with 10 wins?

DEEZ: absolutely you do. 10 wins? so what? who did they beat? nobody. soft schedule and still cannot make the playoffs.

TMFI: Deez, you sound like a sports radio caller. If you fire Crennel, who are you bringing in? He has a good relationship with Savage and the players. Same record as division winning Steelers. I don't love the guy, but no way you fire him. With the AFC south and NFC east on the schedule next year, will we see if this year was a fraud.

MTAC: Next year could be a different story with that schedule. We can score with anyone, but that defense has to be fixed. TMFI is right DEEZ, the players all love him as does the media. He has earned another year.

DEEZ: I agree that if you don't target somebody great than its pointless.. but, you go get bill Cowher.. you hand him the keys to the kingdom.. savage and crennel have not gotten the job done.. yes.. there is progress.. BUT, not making the playoffs is a joke. The AFC North is soft.. this was the year to win some games.. and.. they must trade DA right now.. get a first and third for him ASAP. that fluky little run he had wont last. he is coco crisp... deal him now.

MTAC: Easier said than done. You think Cowher is coming here? You are on crack. The best thing that could happen for Romeo would be if the Dolphins came and took him away, then you can go after the big fish. But you know that ain't happening. You know the Browns have NEVER hired a coach with previous NFL head coaching experience before? Never. So in other words, if Romeo does go, Chud gets that gig.

DEEZ: Ok guys.. When he gets canned in mid November next year after a lousy start. Just remember what I told you today. I dont care if the players like him. The players all loved Steve Mariucci in Detroit. So what? He couldnt win.

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