Friday, January 4, 2008

Chud to the Ravens? Romeo to get Extended?

It would be vintage Cleveland luck. We'e finally got ourselves an offense, and now, the coordinator who brought a doormant group to life is a hot head coaching commodity. Today's Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Rob Chudzinski has made the short list for the Ravens job. In that same article, head coach Romeo Crennel's agent tells the media that Randy Lerner has approahed his client about a contract extension.

Oh boy. If I'm agent Joe Linta, I get that contract signed as soon as I possibly can. Why? Because next year here are the out of division teams on the Browns schedule:

2008: Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Houston, Denver, Buffalo - combined records: 95-64

Compare that to this past season where they won 10 games:

2007: Oakland, St. Louis, Miami, Buffalo, San Francisco, Arizona, New York Jets, Houston, Seattle, New England. - combined records: 59-94. And that is with New England going 16-0!

That is why Crennel should sign that extension ASAP. Because he won't get one when the Browns go 7-9 next year.

Back to Chud. He did a wonderful job this year and saved Crennel's job this year. For the first time in seemingly forever, we didn't once complain about the play calling. He is young and innovative. Give him a raise, Randy. You gave one to Todd Grantham at the end of last season. That defense was laughably bad under his eye. Chud earned his money.

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