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The Message Boards are Killing Ole Roy

When Roy Williams was the coach at Kansas, he won 80% of his games, but got criticized a ton. The criticisms were the same every year: He can't win the big game. His teams can't defend the three and get abused by teams with quick guards. His use of his timeouts is maddening. He never makes in game adjustments. All of that seemed to go away with his national title a few years ago. That and the fact that he is such a geniune nice guy and most everyone loves him.

Well evidently the honeymoon is over for Ole' Roy in Chapel Hill. I perused the
Inside Carolina chat board, which is a product of Take a look at some comments after last night's loss to Duke: (Rat BTW is Coach K)

Rat adapts to the game, Roy is a stubborn man just like Dean who are so stuck in their ways. Wonder why K wins so much? Because he actually coaches. This is why Dean never won as many championships as he should have and why Roy has always been labeled as a choker.Rat went to coach team USA and learned a new philosophy from Mike D'Antoni of the Suns. Roy would probably be insulted if anyone suggested that to his team.
by tarheelneal


I don't like admitting it, but there is some truth in what the man said. Why not at least try some type of zone defense if it allows better perimeter defense. Everyone in the building knew what dook's gameplan would be, and they simply came into our house, and did exactly that, and very well. Penetrate and kick out, penetrate and kick out, penetrate and kick out, penetrate and kick out. How many times does it have to happen before we adapt to it? Still waiting after all these years....

by sleehrat55


K will break all the records before he's finished, except Wooden's untouchable titles records. Still, he'd lost 3 straight in this rivalry and has his critics. He almost never uses zone under any circumstance, and his offense also dies by the 3 at times. No coach is perfect. Dean had a different philosophy, where participation was more of a focal point. Roy's teams need great ballhanders and finishers as his philisophy is "push it", sometimes when his team doesn't have the players to play that way. Tonight, Hansbrough needed to be utilized more in the half court, as that created matchup problems for Duke. QT needed to be running a more patient offense as he is not the regular guy. I thought QT played his heart out, but I question Roy's ability to make the offense work more off of Hansbrough. There was no patience out there, as Lawson forced the team to play a different offensive tempo.

by dukesa600yardpar3


I saw in the post game quotes from Roy where he was calling out Wayne for not hitting shots in game time situations. He said something along the lines of, "we have to be able to hit our shots during the game, not just in practice. If we can't do that, maybe we're not as gooda shooters as we thought we were." I'll have a link posted for his actual quote later. But I'm thinking that Roy just may need to heed his own advice. If he thinks his players are not quite as good as they think they are, and if he thinks that the effort just isn't there at times, then maybe, just maybe he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

We were beaten by a team that made some nifty "game time" adjustments. Roy is NOT a coach who seems to be able to make these "game time" adjustments. What we do hear from him is that he doesn't like the zone defense. But it's not just that he doesn't like it, he says he's not good at teaching it. What? Did I just read that correctly? So because you don't like the zone, and you don't like teaching the zone, you're just not going to teach it? Now, I may not be a smart woman. But to me, that sounds like a lack of effort. It sounds like stubborness. And it sounds unfair to his players. Now, I'm not saying that a zone defense would have won the game for us last night. And they might still have had 29 open looks at three's. However, aside from a few half court traps last night, and a little full court pressure when the game was on the line, Roy made NO adjustments in that game. He didn't give his team a chance. And why?...because he doesn't want to put forth the effort to teach a defense that, not only would give our players a chance to breath a little, but would also throw a monkey wrench in the game plan of the opposing team.

by Donna06


I just spoke to someone who is very close with Dean, Roy, Gut and most of the Carolina family. I need to preface this by saying I am as big of a fan as anyone on this board. What he said to me stunned me. This Gentleman was a big part of the Carolina family in the late 70s and early 80s. He's is probably saying what a lot of people in the Carolina family are afraid to say. His words:

On a scale of 1-10: As a person and man Roy is a 12. As a recruiter he is a 10. As a coach I can't even give him a 5.

He said, Im not sure if you ever noticed, but Dean hardly ever lost a game he ever got ahead in. Im sorry, but I can't say the same for Roy.Believe me, it pained him to say this. However, he finally came to the conclusion, right in front of me that Roy was not as great of a coach as he had previously thought. To say the least, I was shocked.Is it possible that "Ole Roy ain't that good." Say it ain't so.

by SBPHeel.


With the talent Roy gets he should win 80% of his games...however, the man does NOT make adjustments during the game on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Coach Kay does. Dean did. Roy doesn't per se. Doesn't mean he can't coach, by no stretch of the imagination but I guess it's a flaw or observation by opinion? Coach Kay will call a timeout and make adjustments to his offense or defense and you'll see it immediately. I don't sense that from Roy. JMO

by NCU77

Our opinion: A lot of these things have merit. He is stubborn in his ways. His teams don't play the type of perimeter defense they should, and he never makes in game adjustments. That said, if Ty Lawson plays last night, this is a completely different game. UNC may have won and the critics of Roy would probably not be so vocal today. But I have also been called a Roy apologist for years. The bottom line is that this UNC team will not win the National Title with their lack of deep shooters and poor perimeter defense. You can take that to the bank.

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