Friday, February 15, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Is there anything crazier than the greatest player and greatest pitcher of my generation both being lying frauds who could both end up in jail for perjury? We read Game of Shadows last year and it sickened us. We know it was only a matter of time before the feds got to Barry Bonds as well. I hope these two liars, who will go down for perjury, share a jail cell. It truly is an amazing story. If...errr...when these two are found guilty, it is conceivable the Hall of fame could be without the alltime hit king, the all time home run king, and perhaps the greatest righ-handed pitcher of all time.

Here is a great story.
The wives of Clemens and Jose Canseco compared implants at the infamous party Clemens did....errrr...didn't....errr...didn't remember attending.

What is wrong with this world? A nutcase
killed four people, and then himself at Northern Illinois University.

Indiana Jones 4?
please tell me this is a joke. What's next, another Rambo? hahahaha

You know we are fans of Gossip Girl, more good news -
Blair loves to party.

She gets what she deserves.
Paris Hilton's new movie is voted as the worst of all time.

Former Browns QB
Josh Booty was arrested for DUI and tased!

Add Seth Davis for to the long list of writers who think
it's over for Kelvin Sampson.

Mitt Romney, trying to save face, endorses John McCain. Big shocker there, we know.

Jane Fonda
drops the C word on the Today Show. Classic.

Here's a look at your American Idol
top 24 finalists. Kristy...Hey now....She's no Katherine McPhee.

Miss Howard TV...check her out. March's Miss Howard TV is above.

#10 Butler 89 Youngtown State 73 - That's seven in a row for the Bulldogs who have found their stride since the loss at Cleveland State. Nothing like shooting 13-20 from three point land. Mike Green led the way with 17, AJ Graves had 15. A team that has won games in the forty's all year, dropped 50 in the first half on the Penguins. The Bulldogs sit at 12-2 atop the Horizon league.

#20 Washington State 70 Oregon State 57 - When you are in a skid and not playing well, there is nothing better than a nice fat game with the Beavers. Taylor Rochestie had a career high 24 to go with Derrick Low's 21 as the Cougs cruised to an easy W.

Arizona State 72 # Stanford 68 - Not going to say this was a damaging loss as it came on the road, but when you blow a seven point lead with under two minutes to go, you have to be called to the carpet. Brook Lopez continued his magnificent play with 30 and eight boards in the loss. This is a nice win for ASU in their attempts to get an at-large bid.

Other Scores of Note:

West Virginia 81 Rutgers 63 - The Mountaineers need to continue winning games like this to get into the tournament. They are now 17-7, 6-5 in the Big East.

Clemson 82 Georgia Tech 67 - The Tigers deserve an easy win after getting jobbed by officials in their last game, a double OT loss to North Carolina where they shot seven free throws to UNC's 36.

Oregon 71 Washington 58 - Nothing like the Huskies following up a win over UCLA with a pathetic effort in Eugene.

Arizona 83 Cal 73 - Playing all five starters 34 minutes or more, the Cats held off Ryan Anderson and company. Jerryd Bayless had 33.

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