Friday, February 8, 2008

K2, Part 2 and The Cavs Lose Another Player

Here we were, saying all of these nice things about Kellen Winslow II, lauding how he has played hurt his entire career and giving him credit for his first Pro Bowl appearance, and then we pick up today's Cleveland Plain Dealer and see the headline Browns' Winslow Wants a New Deal. Ugh. In an interview with Sirius NFL radio, K2 said When I got hurt (in 2005) the contract got renegotiated so some things changed but I think I've proven these past two years that I'm one of the elite tight ends,'' Winslow said from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. "My value on the field, they put in a nickel (coverage), an extra DB in the game, and that really changes the whole game. They have to guard me kind of like a wide receiver so, you know, yeah, gotta to get that new money. (laughs)." When asked if he's looking for a new contract, Winslow said "Yeah. Hope so. Hope so.''
More good news. His agent is the ultimate schister Drew Rosenhaus.

Our Take: Kellen is a stud. He has done everything he can to get back to being what everyone expected him to be, a Pro Bowl caliber player. That said, he is the one who put himself in this position, where is his contract incentives weren't made. Did the Browns get on a motorcycle and almost wreck his career? Nope. Kellen did that all by himself. The Browns did right by him by paying him and not trying to penalize him for violating the terms of his deal. Now he wants to renegotiate? Sorry. I don't think so. Play with the contract you signed and deal with it.


So the Cavaliers lost a game on the road in Houston last night, no big deal. You lose games on the road. But once again the Cavs have lost a player to injury. They started the night without Drew Gooden, Anderson Varajao, and Sasha Pavlovic. Now you can add Daniel Gibson to the injury report. Boobie look slike he pulled a hamstring and isn't expected to play against Atlanta tonight. This leaves the Cavs severly shorthanded.

Lebron James also hurt his thumb and had it wrapped in ice after the game. The good thing is the East is so bad, that as long as they are healthy by the Playoffs, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Our Take: I cannot sit through regular season NBA games these days, but with all of these injuries, it turns the Cavs completely into the Lebron show. The most amazing thing is that after all of these injuries, the one guy who stays the most healthy is Z. Nothing like watching Dwayne Jones and Ira Newble getting major minutes. Where do I sign up?

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