Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coast to Coast...like Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Wow. Stunning news out of Lubbock. The General, Bob Knight has stepped down as coach of Texas Tech. His son, Pat, will take over. His Red Raiders are not exactly the greatest team in the country, struggling at 12-8. Knight also got his 900th career win earlier this season. Reportedly he told his staff Monday morning "I can't do it any more. After 42 years, I'm tired." Get ready for a gluttony of stories about Knight and his legacy.

It's Super Tuesday. The biggest day of the Presidential primary races. Both sides are
spending as much money as they can on TV ads to try and take control today. Can Mitt Romney overcome the freight train that has become John McCain? Who will come out ahead in the next and neck race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Should be an interesting day. Look for McCain to take it home in the Republican party, thanks to Mike Huckabee's insistance of staying in the race.

I'm sure you've seen this as it was sent to me, but if you haven't
peep this. Sarah Silverman, she's F'ing Matt Damon.

More reason why Snoop is the best. He's high on Larry King, and admits it.

We are just one day away from National Signing Day in college football. Michigan and Ohio State fans continue to hold their breath awaiting the decision of one Terrelle Pryor. Word is starting to spread that
the #1 QB in the land is leaning towards Columbus.

We don't hide our love for American Gladiators, and enjoyed it thoroughly last night. Our top observation:
the female Gladiator, Hellga, is 100% a man.

The results are in:
Super Bowl 42 was the most watched event in Super Bowl history. 97.5 million people watched. Only the series finale of M.A.S.H. had more viewers (106 million) in TV history.

Holy shit is
Donnie Baseball's wife hideous. The guy was Mr. Yankee in the 80's and early 90's. He couldn't pull better wool than this?

Mercury Morris, possibly
the most annoying man alive.

A great story on Super Bowl Hero
David Tyree.

We nominate
Joran van der Sloot for worst person on the planet. A Dutch TV station set up a sting operation and van der Sloot essentially admitted he was with Natalie Holloway when she died and dumped her body in the ocean.

Louisville 71 #16 Marquette 57 - Marquette has offically set off the fraud siren. Another bad loss where they get nothing in the post, they miss 10 free throws, and shoot just 32% from the field. You know things are bad when your best big man shoots 2-10 (Lazar Hayward). On the other side, this was a big win for Louisville, who has to be considered the national Jeckyl and Hyde team. They led wire to wire and held leads as big as 23 points. They have now won their last two after the heatbreaking loss to UConn. At 7-3 in the Big East, the Cardinals inched closer to Georgetown at the top. Marquette sunked to the middle of the pack; one of five teams with four conference losses.

St. Joseph's 77 Villanova 55 - Look out below! Its a group of falling Wildcats, dropping like a stone faster than you can say "Eric Eberz." As predicted in this space, they would be out of the rankings and off the radar screen withing three weeks. Well it only took two.

#5 Kansas 90 Missouri 71 - It was another average at best performance by KU despite the big margin. The game was never really close, but something seemed missing last night for the Jayhawks. The balance was there: Brandon Rush scored 19 and grabbed six boards. Mario Chalmers had 15, Darrell Arthur 13, while Sherron Collins and Sasha Kaun both scored 12. On the negative side Arthur played only 14 minutes with foul trouble for the third straight game and they turned the ball over 14 times. More on this game later.

#23 St. Mary's 89 Gonzaga 85 OT - Speaking of balance, six Gaels scored at least eight points led by Patrick Mills' 23 and Todd Golden's 19 in this big WCC showdown. St. Mary's moved to a first place tie in the league at 6-1. Golden was the big difference, nailing all six of his three pointers. The Gaels needed every one of them as they missed 16 free throws. "I was shooting well in warmup," Golden said. "Sometimes it's easier to shoot in these tough games because you have so much Adrenalin." Stat of the night: Gonzaga shot 50% from the field including 9-22 from deep and won the battle of the boards 41-37. However, they shot just 18 free throws to St. Mary's 42.

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