Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 5, 1991

Where were you 17 years ago today? The year was 1991. I was a 14 year old Freshman in High school who loved hip hop music, playing soccer, tennis, and basketball, watching Browns Football, Cavs Basketball, and Indians Baseball, and chasing girls. Attending the University of Kansas wasn't even on my radar screen yet. My father was still alive and was in his prime. The first George Bush was in office, and Bill Belichick was being hired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Yes, folks, the man they called here "Bozo-choke" took his first day in office as an NFL coach. We all know the rest. He failed miserably in Cleveland while alienating an entire press corps and fan base before getting the ax as Modell took the team to Baltimore. Fast forward to 2008, he has three Super Bowl rings, four apperances in the big game, and the media still don't know what to make of him.

I tried to put together a greatest hits of Belichick press conference magic, but I instead came across a classic, never before seen piece of tape from the Browns years, called "Cooking with Bill Belichick." Fast forward to the 30 second mark.

Here is Belichick on his time in Cleveland. Well, at least that's what the PD's Tony Grossi tried to get him to talk about:

Then Belichick bitter after the loss talking to Chris Myers. Never once gave credit to the Giants.

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