Monday, February 4, 2008

Eli Has Giant Balls

This is why we don't bet anymore (well, that and we can't afford to). We thought it would be the Patriots by a mile, they would score at will, Bill Belichick would have his team so ready after two weeks of preparing and with the Spygate mess coming back to the forefront, this would be exactly what the Patriots needed to motivate themselves. They love the us against the world mentality and we figured this was the shit in the arm to get them there.

We guessed wrong.

What a game last night. Does this rank as one of the greatest Super Bowl's of all time? Absolutely. The second half was riveting. We have so many thoughts that they are going down in a list technique:

1. Eli Manning has HUGE balls - Seriously, has there ever been a QB more picked on and scrutinized during a regular season, where "experts" claimed he would never win in New York because he coudln't take the pressure? Talk about a Giant F-You to your critics. He took his team on the road three times and won to get to the Super Bowl to face the undefeated Patriots. Then after Tom Brady cut out the hearts of his team by scoring a go-ahead TD late in the fourth quarter. Now trailing by four with under three minutes left, Manning led what was one of the greatest drives in NFL history, including the wild-scramble and completion to David Tyree which set up the game winning TD to Plaxico Burress. Unbelievable. We are thrilled for Eli. Nobody deserved this win more.

2. The New "The Catch." - David Tyree may have scored a TD to take the lead in the fourth quarter, but the Syracuse grad and special teams wizard will forever go down in Giants lore for making maybe the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. This was better than Lynn Swann's grab falling down that you've seen so many times. Not to mention the magnitude and timing of it. How Tyree held on the ball is still amazing to us, essentially pining the ball to his helmet while being tackled by Rodney Harrison. You knew something special was going to happen for the Giants when Eli somehow scrambled away and Tyree came down with it.

3. The Defensive Blueprint - If Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnola didn't earn himself a head coaching gig last night, he never will. Holding the Patriots high-powered offense to 14 points is astounding. The way the Giants were able to get pressure with their front four was the story of the game. Justin Tuck, Osi Yumenyiora, and Michael Strahan were all over Brady all night long. The Giants blizted constantly as well and the Patriots stubbornly didn't go into their "max protection" mode. The big play was completely neutralized. Since the 85 Bears, we cannot remember a more dominating defensive performance.

4. Bozo-choke - As the game went on, we found ourselves rooting for the Giants and our hatred for Belichick resurfacing. His running off the field early move was weak. The guy is one great coach, but he is also one strange man. I thought a decision he made that flew under the radar was costly. Instead of attempting a 52 yard FG with Stephen Gostkowski in the third quarter, he went for it on 4th and 13 and failed. You think if Adam Vinatieri is still the kicker, he still goes for it? We don't get going for it on 4th and 13 there, especially when three points could have meant so much. Meanwhile, his team lost by three.

5. Thoughts on the Pregame Show - Is Fox really serious with a "red carpet" and Ryan Seacrest? That was about as bad as it gets. Nothing like lame celebs pushing their new projects on Super Bowl Sunday when people could clearly care less. The best had to be when Seacrest asked The Office's John Krasinski "who are you rooting for" while he was wearing a Patriots hat. Just brutal.
Read this great TV recap of Fox's Coverage from

6. Tom Brady, Life's Still Good - You wake up this morning and you are Tom Brady. You are so bummed out about this loss. Then you roll over and see your Supermodel girlfriend, turn on your TV and see an ad with you in it, check your bank statement, and then you realize it really isn't that bad.

The Deez, MTAC Correspondent, Collects His Thoughts

1. The best team won. I am happy the Giants pulled it out and I really found myself at the end getting nervous and rooting so hard for NY.

2. TV is ruining sports. It really is. The game dragged and dragged last night. I am tired of watching commercials and long commercial breaks are killing the Super Bowl experience for me. Everyone wonders why these games are not usually great? Well how can anyone get into a rhythm when every stoppage in play is a two minute commercial break!!! This has to stop and if you watched the NBA playoffs last year, it was also an issue.

3. Corey Webster. Teach your kids about him and the kind of relentlessness he showed last night. The much maligned cornerback got beat by Randy Moss on the go-ahead TD for New England in the late stages of fhe fourth quarter, only to bounce back and make play after play against Moss on the last drive. I was happy for the kid that he dusted himself off, got up, and got the job done the next time. It is a lesson for everyone out there.

4. Fox did a great job on the broadcast. They really did. The super slo-mo shot of David Tyree's catch (SU Grad) was incredible.

5. Classless move by three classless guys, Bill Belichick, Richard Seymour Cheapshots, and yes, Golden Boy Tom Brady for not staying on the field until the clock hit all zeroes. Sissy move and classless. Brady laughed at Plaxico's prediction earlier in the week and said "we are only gonna score 17 pts"? YES TOM how about 14!!!!! Man up and go shake hands with the guys who pummeled you next time!

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