Monday, February 11, 2008

Coast to Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Quick Link time. Barack Obama won primaries this weekend in Maine, Louisiana, and Nebraska, and now heads to Maryland, DC, and Virginia on a role. Has Obama now become the front runner for the Democratic Nomination? The Republican race is all but over at this point, but Mike Huckabee may be trying to make a case to be McCain's running mate.

Amy Winehouse can't get a Visa to get into the United States, but
she owned the Grammy's last night, winning five awards.

Not that anyone was watching (and shame on you if you were), but Derek Anderson supposedly
looked really bad in the Pro Bowl yesterday.

Monday Night Football could be making another change.
Looks like Michelle Tafoya and Suzy Kolber are on their way out. Meanwhile, Tafoya continues to bore us to tears on the Mike Tirico radio show. We have officially retired from that show unless it's an SVP day. The new move is Howard Stern in the morning, then the tape-delayed version of The new Dan Patrick Show on It's so much better than the Tirico show. Sorry Mike, we think you are a pro, but you are a play by play and studio guy, not a radio talk show host.

An ode to one of my all time favorite Cleveland Browns,
the late Eric Turner.

Are they kidding? Don't miss
the shirts worn by Nas and Kelis last night at the Grammy's. This is sickening. And we are big Nas fans. "Life's a Bitch and then ya die, that's why we get high, cause you never know when your gonna go."

Speaking of bad taste,
Longtime Chicago Sports Radio personality Chet Coppock gotten suspended for an anti-semetic remark. How can people be this stupid?

#3 North Carolina 103 Clemson 93 2OT - This was Clemson's shot. They have lost a whopping 52 straight in Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels were once again playing without point guard Ty Lawson and were reeling after the home loss to Duke. The Tigers led by 11 at the half and carried a 79-68 lead with 3:13 seconds left. Then the ghosts of Carolina Blue and the refs took over. A barrage of threes by the Heels Danny Green and power moves by Tyler Hansbrough and just like that, it was a two point game. After a missed one and one free throw by Demontez Stitt, Quinton Thomas hit a driving layup to tie the game at 82 and force OT.

In the first OT, Clemson led 90-88 and a suspect foul call on Terrance Oglesby put Thomas on the line where he forced a second OT. Hansbrough owned double OT, scoring seven points and leading the Heels to a 10 point win. When we talk about the refs, just take a look at this stat: UNC went to the line 36 times, Clemson just seven. Clemson, a poor free throw shooting team, made just 1-7. UNC committed 14 fouls. Clemson 31. My boy who is a Clemson grad has been telling me for years that UNC and Duke get preferential treatment by officials. I don't know if I buy that, but how can one team get to the line 29 more times than another, especially when that team was trailing the entire game? Makes no sense.

"Fellas, it wasn't looking good. We were looking at a 30-point butt-kicking there about 5 or 6 minutes into the game," North Carolina coach Roy Williams said. "If I live to be 106, I won't be any more proud of a group of kids than I am of that bunch right there." Hansbrough was incredible again, with 39 and 13. Wayne Ellington had 28 of his own. Both teams turned the ball over 20 times. Nice that we didn't get to see the game. Even though ESPN was showing the Cavs/Nuggets game, FSN Ohio decided they had to show it as well. Weak.

Washington 71 #4 UCLA 61 - Just when we think UCLA is playing the best basketball of anyone in the country after blowing out Arizona and Washington State, the lose in Seattle to 12-11 Washington? The Bruins trailed the majority of the game and were strangely killed on the boards 40-28. PG Justin Dentmon, not exactly Ty Lawson, somehow torched Darren Collison for 20 points and held Collison to 1-8 shooting. Jon Brockman bodied up Kevin Love, scoring 12 and grabbing 17 boards. Love was just 3-8 from the field. UCLA just couldn't find their collective strokes. They shot 34% from the field and were 1-16 from three while committing 16 turnovers. But as we've said all year, there is no easy road game in the Pac-10 outside of Oregon State.

#13 Indiana 59 Ohio State 53 - With MTAC in the stands in full Indiana gear, the Hoosiers came away with a big road win. We chronicalled the OSU experience in an earlier post. The game itself was dominated by D.J. White. Bucking for a first team All-American spot, White was all over the glass, scoring 21 and grabbing 13 boards. It seemed as though the Hoosier offense spent most of the day standing around and chcuking up bad shots if it wasn't getting the ball to D.J. Eric Gordon added 15, but struggled to get a good look. Jordan Crawford had an absolute sick crossover spin move in the first half, dogging OSU's Matt Terwilliger. Kosta Koufos had 18 and nine for Ohio State. The Buckeyes looked like a bunch of chuckers themselves, launching 27 three-pointers, hitting just seven. Jamar Butler played 40 minutes and scored just four points. He was a complete non-factor.

#14 Xavier 76 St. Joseph's 72 - In the battle for the A-10 lead, Xavier took command and now sit at 8-1 in conference. They shot 56% from the field, including 12-20 from deep. Four Musketeers scored in double figures including Stanley Burrell's 16. "This team is so tough," said Burrell, one of two senior guards. "We're poised, too. In years past, we probably would have folded, we would have quit. We dug in and got that victory."

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