Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sheed Loves a Good Conspiracy Theory

Detroit Pistons Power Forward and resident blowhard Rasheed Wallace loves to hear himself talk. There was seriously nothing better than his "both teams player real hard, man" press conference after a Trail Blazers playoff loss years back. Thank the lord for youtube:

In his latest, Sheed is yacking away about his meltdown during last year's Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Cavs. You remember don't you? When we last left our pal, he was busy getting two technicals and screaming at the officials with the full intentions of getting tossed when the game out of hand. Had the Pistons made a miraculous comeback, Sheed would have been suspended for Game Seven as he received his seventh playoff techinical, signalling an automatic suspension. Now he wants us all to know the truth; well, the truth according to Sheed in this Detroit News article:

"I still don't think they (Cavaliers) beat us, we beat ourselves," Wallace said. "And I think we also fell victim to that personal NBA thing where they are trying to make it a world game and get (television) ratings. They wanted to put their darling in there (the NBA Finals) and they did, and look what ended up happening.

Classic Bitterman. Is there a bigger disgrace going in the NBA right now? Just for more fun, lets take a look at another classic Sheed meltdown moment caught on tape, after the Cavs took down the Pistons in Game Four:

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