Monday, October 29, 2007

More Reason For Tribe Fans To Puke

Big News Indians fans! One of your least favorite opposing players will now be facing you 19 times next year. According to my sources, the Detroit Tigers have just announced that they have acquired the well traveled Edgar Renteria from Atlanta for #1 pitching prospect Jair Jurrjens and top OF prospect Gorkys Hernandez. This moves allows the Tigers to do what they had talked about after their season ended over a month ago (haha, too bad, so sad); move Carlos "the statue" Guillen to first base full time. This also most likely signals the end of The Mayor Sean Casey's run in the motor city.

Renteria has a history of killing the Indians, but of course the most painful of all was his 1997 Workd Series 11th inning Game Seven single to win the title for the Marlins (I literally just threw up in my mouth). To this day, I have still never see the ball go through. If the highlight comes on, I turn the channel or turn my head. In 97, the minute it got past Charlie Nagy's glove, I went into my room and didn't come out until the ceiling started spinning and I began to yack. True story, unfortunately for me.

There must be something wrong with this guy, as he has become almost the Larry Brown of infielders. He hits over .310 seemingly every year and plays an above average short, yet the Tigers will be his fourth team in five years; The Cardinals had him in 2004 before the Red Sox signed him to the big deal. He never could handle the pressure of Boston and they dealt him to Atlanta for a man near and dear to our hearts, a one time phenom, prospect named Andy Marte! Now, the Braves have gotten two top tier prospects for him. Remember, Jurrjens shut down the Tribe in his second Major League start in August. He is a future ace if he can overcome his elbow problems.

GM Dave Dombrowski is doing his best to re-create the 97 Marlins. Who's next Dave, Bobby Bonilla? Al Leiter? Alex Fernandez? Maybe Jim Eisenreich is available. “Edgar is a premier major league player that is a great fit for our club,” Tigers Manager Jim Leyland said. “I have a great history with him and I’m looking forward to being reunited with him.”

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