Friday, October 19, 2007

Beckett Says Back to Boston

Here's my disclaimer: I saw exactly two and a half innings of the game thanks to a work function that I absolutely could not miss. It's my job, this is what I do. I was beyond distraught as the place I was did not have a TV, nor did I have good cell phone service. I relied on text messages when I could actually get a signal. I saw the Tribe bat in the bottom of the first, down 1-0 thanks to a Kevin Youkilis solo pizza. I watched Travis Hafner ground into yet another double play to score what would be the Tribe's only run.

Then I went into text messaging and voicemail mode. It was beyond frustrating. I have to say, I am proud of how calm as was as C.C. Sabathia seemingly was in and out of trouble into the sixth inning. Meanwhile, the Tribe couldn't touch Josh Beckett. As I clicked refresh on my cell web brower (when it actually worked), all I saw was four hits. Clearly, this wasn't my night, nor was it the Indians night. I have now seen the highlight of Youkilis' "triple" that was misplayed by Grady Sizemore in the seventh that pretty much broke the game open. Grady has made that catch all year long and seemed to have a miscommunication with right fielder Franklyn Gutierrez. While that may have been the death knell that lead to two more runs in the seventh, it would have been a moot point because Beckett was in a serious zone.

It bears mention that Beckett and Kenny Lofton had an incident in the fifth as Kenny did his signature bat flip, thinking he walked on a 3-0 pitch. He popped the next pitch up and Beckett yelled something at Kenny that set him off. Kenny rounded first and headed straight for the mound to get at Beckett. Not that I was watching, but I'm sure Tribe fans were hoping this would fire the team up. Not likely tonight, not with Beckett on the mound. The Red Sox added three more in the eight, which I did see. Rafael Perez, making his first series appearance since Game Two, did not look sharp, making an error on a double play ball and allowing the three runs, only one was earned. The Tribe is going to need him to regain his form asap if they plan on closing out the series in Boston.

So onto Game Six we go. A part of me is thrilled that I didn't have to witness this game. Everything I see on the highlights and hear from the ESPN analysts was that nobody was touching Beckett tonight. It would have been a great thing for the Tribe to clinch at home, but it wasn't meant to be. I said the Tribe would win it in six and we are still on schedule for that to happen. Fausto Carmona goes for the Tribe against Curt Schilling.

I am dedicated to my readers and thus this post was finished at 2:05 AM EST. I'll be back in full force for Game Six.

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