Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The NBA....Its awful

Just received the entire NBA roster grid and we were shocked to see just how low this league can stoop. Can we talk contraction please? Take a look at some of these names that have now graced "The League." Being a college hoop junkie, I can sit back and laugh.

Darryl Watkins - The man who invented the phrase "five fouls in 10 minutes" at Syracuse.

Courtney Sims - Stick thin and Charmin-soft. The guy couldn't get any Big Ten love, yet he is in the NBA? Ah, to be a 7-footer.

Penny Hardaway - This is 2007 right, not 1994?

Joel Anthony - who? Evidently, he went to UNLV and played two seasons averaging a whopping 5.2 PPG last season.

Shavlik Randolph - if Sixers GM Billy King didn't go to Duke and was a Coach K suck boy, you think this scrub would have ever made the league?

Darius Washington - I can't stand the fact that he has made the league; the Spurs no-less. He bolted Memphis early, a giant mistake, a screwed John Calipari in the process.

Maceo Baston - Seriously, this guy is still hanging around? He has been a perpetual inactive for 10 years. He must have naked pictures of David Stern.

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