Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Those 1986 Orange Jerseys - Happy Halloween!

Cavs tip time as I type this. Love seeing The Big Z with the shaved head. Loved seeing that Eastern Conference Champs banner being raised next to the Cavs 1976 Central Division banner on one side and Larra Nance's (what a talent) #22 retired jersey. (SIDE NOTE: I miss "Sweets" Chones" and his one word analysis.) Not so crazy about Drew Gooden's new full arm tat. Your Cleveland Cavaliers are in their 1986 throwback Orange jerseys. I am just soooooooo excited for the NBA regular season to get underway, I can hardly contain myself! I mean, who doesn't love six months of essentially meaningless basketball before the real season starts. When did the league become such a regular season bore? Was it always this way and I have just become older and more jaded? Does it have to do with my love of the college game? Could it be all of the years of mediocrity in Cleveland? Who knows. But away we go!

8:07 PM: Z tips the ball to Boobie Gibson

8:08 PM: Larry Hughes bricks his first jumper. First of many this year.

8:08 PM: Devin Harris drives right by Boobie for an easy layup.

8:09 PM: Z misses his first bunny of the year. First of many.

8:10 PM: Former Cavs lottery pick Lasagna Flop errrr Desagana Diop does a nice spin move half jump hook for two.

8:12 PM: Cavs 24 second violation.

8:12 PM Harris again blows right by Boobie as if this were Tony Parker all over again.

8:13 PM Harris feeds Flop for two. Timeout Cavs. 12-6 Mavericks four minutes in. This is not the defense Mike Brown wanted out of the gate.

You know something, this is the NBA regular season. Am I really gonna sit here and blog through the entire game? Not on your life! More importantly, this was my son's first Halloween. Granted, he is only eight months old, but he dressed up in his Cowboy outfit and we went to three houses trick or treating for some of MTAC's favorites (we love us some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats, Peanut M&M's are the weak beav and a cop out).

8:19 PM: Lebron posts up Jerry Stackhouse and throws a sick behind the back dish to Drew for a throw-down.

8:21 PM: Hughes bricks another jumper, Jason Terry hits Dirk Nowitzki for a count-it and one. Cavs down 22-12.

8:22 PM: Damon Jones and his beautiful jumper enter the game for the first time. Women everywhere in Cleveland rejoice.

OK, I'm done, seriously. More good news, the high school kids didn't egg my house. Lets talk quickly about ESPN's studio team for NBA Shootaround. The man who loves to make himself laugh and everyone's favorite cartoon character Stuart Scott as the host. The man who loves to hear himself speak, resident ego-maniac Stephen A. Smith as an analyst. (SIDE NOTE: Since when does a guy who never played a second of NBA basketball a lead analyst? We are saved by the one and only Bill Walton, the only man who could make NBA pregame shows watchable. At the end of the show, Walton picked the Spurs over the Celtics in the Finals. Screamin' A follows up by picking the Celtics over the Nuggets. Walton follows up by laughing at "Steve" when he tries to describe how the Nuggets are loaded and will be the sleeper in the West. He threw out the name J.R. Smith as a key piece. Walton says "I know you didn't just say J.R. Smith. They would like to throw him off the team." Stu Scott sits there and giggles. That's some high quality TV right there. I'm sure Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley are quaking in their boots over at TNT.

8:28 PM: Scrub dog Devin Brown gets called for a carry the first time he touches the ball in a Cavs uniform. I put the odds at him being on this roster by February at 5%.

8:3o PM: On the floor at the same time: Ira Newble, Devin Brown, Damon Jones, Juan Jose Barea, Brandon Bass, and Trenton Hassell. Who says the NBA isn't Faaaaaantastic?

8:32 PM: Devin Brown tries to drive the ball and shoots a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer which hits the back iron. END OF ONE: Mavericks 29 Cavaliers 15.

Now, really, Im done. I promise...

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