Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sasha Pavlovic, a holdout all of training camp, has agreed to terms on a three year contract with the Cavaliers according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal. Vintage that the PD has nothing other than "sources say" and Windhorst has quotes from Sasha's agent Marc Cornstein: ‘‘Great strides were made in the last 48 hours to come to an agreement," Cornstein said. "It was a long negotiating process, but I think it worked out well in the end."

This is a good sign for the Cavs for the upcoming season. I cannot imagine Sasha being active tomorrow night for the opener against Dallas; he has been overseas during his entire holdout. Now GM Danny Ferry can move his full attention to the free agent that really matters, Power Forward/Center Anderson Varajao. The sooner Varajao signs, the better. They will not survive with Dwayne Jones and Cedric Simmons getting big minutes at the 4 and 5 spots. Expect Anthony Tolliver, the undrafted Rookie Center out of Creighton to be cut to make room for Sasha.

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davemanddd said...

my question is, why did it take so long??? the cavs gave sasha the 1-year qualifying offer very early in the process and it was pretty apparent that no other teams were even going to bother signing him to an offer sheet since the cavs would have simply matched any such offer. i fault both parties, the cavs for failing to show a little loyalty to a player who played a fairly significant role in getting them as far as they got last year and to sasha and more specifically to his greedy agent for having the audacity to hold-out in the first place, especially since it didn't prove a d@mn thing, except that it provided even more ammunition, as if we needed more, that agents are the greediest pieces of sh!t in the world. all this did was set sasha back, both in terms of being game-ready for the start of the season and in getting accustomed to the 2 new teammates, devin brown and cedric simmons. now it's going to take sasha at least a month to get his legs under him, as well as to get acquainted with the new players and by then, the cavs could be several rungs down the ladder in terms of the playoff picture already. it was a very bad move by both parties and i would think that varejao would realize this to be the case with him as well and get his a$$ in here sooner and not later. face it, dude, you ain't gonna get no $10 million coming off the bench. besides that, why don't you learn how to hit better than 50% of your free throws and then we might talk about giving you $4-5 million, but certainly not $10. drew gooden is the starter making $6 million and he's a much better player overall than you, so get your head out of your a$$, or more specifically, make your agent get his head out of your a$$ and sign a fair deal for both parties and be done with it, ok???