Thursday, October 25, 2007

Laziness Spawns Links

As I stated earlier, I refused to watch one pitch of the World Series last night. I didn't even bother checking the score. You want to know what I did last night? I watched Gossip Girl on the CW; who isn't down with some solid teen angst featuring the lives of fictional over-privileged Manhattan high school kids? I fell asleep in the mid-10 o'clock hour watching Dirty Sexy Money on ABC. Never once did I know what was going on in the game until I woke up this morning to find out that the Red Sox pounded the Rockies 13-1. Immediately, the Cleveland-inferiority complex inside of me raged "this is so typical. That should be us!" The worst possible thing that can happen to a team as hot as the Rockies was an eight day layoff. Talk about a massive momentum killer to a team that won 21 of 22.

Anyways, the lazy man approach is in full effect. I stumbled across some solid reading material on my beloved teams that I thought I should share with you. After all, we are sitting around in C-Town awaiting Sunday at this point with the Cavaliers season still a week away (Oct 31 vs. Dallas) and my KU Jayhawks first preseason is the day after (Nov 1 vs Pittsburg St.) We can discuss how dumb Sasha Pavlovic and Anderson Varajao are for holding out when they have no leverage. We can talk about dumbass Rams Tight End Randy McMichael guaranteeing a win this Sunday in St. Louis over the Browns. Love smack talk from a Tight End on an 0-7 team. We can always talk about the Tribe's 2008 schedule which was just released. Nothing like starting at home on March 31st. Lock that one of the first three games is snowed out. What about the fact that the Red Sox and Yankees each come to the Jake only once - both in April. The Padres play as many games at the Jake as the Yankees do. That sounds right, doesn't it. Interleague Play is weak....LAST WEEK.

Anderson Seizing his Opportunity - Jeffrey Chadiha,

Collins, Kansas Shooting for a Better Ending - Lindsay Willhite, USA Today

What Indians Fans Don't Want to Hear - Jeff Kallman, Sports Central

Daily Dime - Cavaliers Preview -

Indians Release 2008 Schedule - Anthony Castrovince,

Two Rams Guarantee Victory - Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tribe's Offseason Moves Already Hinted At - Sheldon Ocker, Akron Beacon-Journal

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