Wednesday, October 24, 2007

George Mitchell = Fraud

The MLB top men, Bud Selig included, have been much maligned over the years. But with baseball's attendance setting records and steroid cheaters being busted, things have been looking up for Bud. The elephant in the room continues to be the lack of a test for HGH. Two years ago, Selig hired former Senator George Mitchell as an "independent investigator" to look into the steroid controversy. For the most part, nobody cooperated with Mitchell's investigation, other than Yankees First Baseman Jason Giambi and former Diamondbacks Pitcher Jason Grimsley. Both only spoke to Mitchell because they essentially had no other choice. Giambi admitted taking steroids in the press, stating he wished he hadn't "taken that stuff." Grimsley's house was raided after he received and signed for a package containing two kits of HGH worth over $3200. That was the tip of the iceberg for Grimsley.

But I digress.

Selig hired his buddy Mitchell to oversee this investigation, but since nobody will talk, all he has to work with are the book Game of Shadows, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, and anything he can get his hands on from FBI reports. Recently, names have come out - Scott Schoeneweis of the Mets, Jay Gibbons of the Orioles, fringe guys like this. Still no stars though. Another you would consider a "fringe" guy was outed on Sunday by the Chronicle. His name is Paul Byrd and he pitches for the Cleveland Indians.

How is this different than Gibbons and Schoeneweis? Well, Byrd is a member of the Indians, the team that on Sunday was about to play a one game, winner take all game for the right to go to the World Series. Byrd was expected to be the first guy out of the bullpen if their was early trouble. What day was this story leaked? Sunday - The SAME DAY AS GAME SEVEN. As if the Indians weren't distracted enough by losing a two game lead in the ALCS, now they had to listen to questions about Byrd's alleged HGH usage.

Again, what am I getting at here? Former Senator Mitchell, a man of "integrity" also happens to have a current affiliation as Director of the front office for a Major League team. What team is that you ask? The Boston Red Sox. The same Red Sox team that was about to play game seven against the Indians.

Do you think this is a coincidence that on this particular day, the story about Byrd was leaked? Mitchell claimed it was. Yet, he felt the need to make the following statement to defend himself on Monday: "Neither I nor any member of my investigative staff had anything whatsoever to do with the publication of the allegations about Mr. Byrd," the statement said. "We had no prior knowledge of those allegations, and we first learned of them, along with the rest of the public, through news accounts."

Ken Rosenthal on
wrote this excellent piece and replied to Mitchell's statement by stating "If Mitchell had no prior knowledge of these allegations, then you have to wonder just how well his investigation is going. But the perception of bias might be an even bigger problem." Well done, Ken.

He couldn't be more right on. I'm not saying Mitchell leaked the story, but how does that come out the day of Game Seven? How does Selig appoint an "independent investigator" who isn't independent. He is listed right on the
Red Sox Website as "Director." Could Uncle Buddy really be that short sighted and NOT see this is a GIGANTIC conflict of interest? Just when baseball is ready to take a step forward, it once again shoots itself in the foot and takes two steps back.

In closing, I say this: What a fool and a fraud George Mitchell is. The man that Bud Selig put in charge of investigating steroid use in baseball is lying today. He says he did not leak the Paul Byrd HGH story to the SF Chronicle. Oh, ok George.. so who did then? Scribes around MLB have said it for months that leaks have come out of Mitchell's office when players like Troy Glaus and Gary Matthews Jr. have been named as HGH users. Now, Byrd gets fingered the DAY OF GAME 7 and all of the sudden Mitchell has to backtrack and say he knows nothing? Hmmm. Mitchell is a part-owner and Director of.... THE RED SOX!!! Same team that Byrd's Indians were facing Sunday in Game 7. How come Mitchell has had to backtrack today and come out and deny it? Because he has been BUSTED!! Another great move by Selig-- to appoint a man who is a Red Sox homer and slappy and part-owner. Yeah, that is fair. have any Sox been named as steroid or HGH users or buyers? Of course not. Mitchell would never let that happen. He's covering his own ass as a member of the team. Sick dude. Hey, still doesn't change the outcome, Red Sox beat the Tribe fair and square. But Sunday's report was Horse bleep.


Billy said...

Most ballplayers today are taking homeopathic growth hormone oral spray because it's safe, undetectable, and legal for over the counter sales. As time goes on it seems it might be considered as benign a performance enhancer as coffee, aspirin, red bull, chewing tobacco, and bubble gum.

Jersey said...

Old post, but it becomes so much more relevant now that we know of steroid users on Mitchell's own team. Why would he ignore Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and Bronson Arroyo? Hello, conflict of interest. Well done.