Friday, October 19, 2007

Reading Materials

As you know, I was stuck in work limbo last night and all day today, therefore couldn't give any real analysis as to why the Tribe lost. All I know is that everything i've had the chance to read are pieces blowing Josh Beckett and ripping C.C. Sabathia; rightfully so on both sides. What happened to the C.C. we saw all season who challenged hitters and through nothing but strikes? And what has happened to Travis Hafner's bat? He is looking like the mid-July, early August Pronk who looked completely lost at the plate. Not a great time to lose his confidence. Are you worried yet Tribe fans? I believe we will see the real Fausto Carmona tomorrow night. To quote one of my closest adversaries, "I believe our #2 starter may have bigger stones than our #1 starter." Regardless, tomorrow night should be interesting. I know nobody wants to see a Game Seven. Especially me. The fact still remains the Red Sox have yet to win a game this series that wasn't started by Josh Beckett.

Enjoy these takes:

Beckett Breathes New Life into Sox - Jerry Crasnick,

Sabathia Appeared Finished After Six - Howard Bryant,

Masterful Beckett Delivers on Edge - Ken Rosenthal,

More Than a few Hearts to Support the Ace of Club - Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

Reputation Takes Another Giant Leap - Jackie Macmullen, Boston Globe

October Best: That's Beckett After Latest Playoff Gem - Scott Miller,

Beckett's Focus, THE Turning Point, Manny's Nonsense - Tom Verducci,

First Pitch of First Importance - Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sabathia Still Waits for Big Game Win - Bud Shaw, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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