Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wedge Must be Reading This Blog

Do you think its possible? Sometimes I think I should be managing the Tribe. Almost as if he was listening to my suggestions, it looks as if Eric Wedge has found a lineup he may stick with for what he calls "a while." Moving Grady back to his customary leadoff spot paid immediate dividends when he doubled to leadoff the first. My main man AC - Asdrubal Cabrera, in the two spot where I asked for him to be, followed with a single and advanced to second on the throw home. Pronk was back hitting third and walked. Vic Martinez flip-flopped back with Hafner, doubled in the clean-up spot. After Ryan Garko's fly out (#5), Jhonny Peralta and Kenny Lofton followed with singles of their own. Putting Kenny in the 7 hole is akin to having a leadoff man at the bottom. With two out, Franky G doubled to score Peralta and Lofton giving the Tribe 5-0 lead before they even took the field. Shockingly enough, guess who made the last out of the inning with a man in scoring position? Our favorite whipping boy Casey Fake. The cherry on top of the sundae is that Casey the Dog was hitting ninth. So to recap, the new lineup (for now):

Franky G

No Need to rehash the rest of the game other than these quick notes:
  • Rookie Aaron Laffey got his second win as the new fifth starter. He went six innings allowing two earned runs. Ask me if I saw him make a pitch last night? Nope. I was at Sara's Place in Gates Mills taking my mother to dinner for her birthday. So any analysis of how he looks would be straight bullshit.

  • AC in the two hole is a great call. He is a contact guy and since he has been up has been in the middle of seemingly every big rally.

  • Josh Barfield has become the new Ben Francisco - he plays as a pinch runner and that is about it. Trot Nixon has also become a ghost - thank god.

  • Poor Tom Mastny. The guy was pitching in the seventh and eight innings in April and May and has basically become the long man or mop up guy out there. Last night he pitched for the first time in over a week and he gave up two runs in the ninth. Luckily, the Tribe was up 9-2 at the time. He was once "Thomas Nasty" to me because of his effectiveness. Now he is Nasty for another reason.

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