Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wanna Throw Up, Tribe Fans?

Here is the game article from today's Detroit News courtesy of Tiger suck boy Lynn Henning:
Magic Comes Back For Tigers

Or how about this gem from Mitch "last night was the first Tiger game I have attended all year" Albom. Vintage Mitch - a great writer, fiction writer that is:
On a Zoom Zoom night, an island gem

Bob Wojonowski is a respected Basketball and Football columnist in Detroit. He should stick to those sports after penning this column. This too reeks of a guy who only follows the team when its convienient:
Tigers Boosted by Double Shot

Top lines from the great Tribe beat writers after last night's one hit debacle:
Paul Hoynes, Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Remember this night. It will be an amusing subplot when you tell the grandkids about how the Indians' pennant drive of 2007 withered and died because no one could swing a bat in support of some of the best pitching in the big leagues. This was the 15th time in the last 31 games that the Indians have scored two or fewer runs."

Sheldon Ocker, Akron Beacon-Journal - "It's time to stop resorting to euphemisms to describe Indians players who carry bats for no apparent reason. Just call them position players (yes, even designated hitter is a position). It is unnecessary and patently false to call them hitters."

Jim Ingraham, Willoughby News-Herald - "Stunningly, they are still in first place. Flabbergastingly, Fausto Carmona on Tuesday night pitched a 77-pitch complete game three-hitter - and lost. Preposterously, the Indians were held to one hit in a game started by a pitcher one week out of Class AA."

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