Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Riding the Borowski Roller Coaster

Since I'm in Toronto and was out with clients for the last six hours (classic of my boss once again), I didn't see a second of the game but was getting texts from MD and K and messages from Fritzer and Jer to keep me in the loop. The following text came from K right after the Tribe score two in the eighth to extend their lead to 6-3:

Thank God we got two there. We'll need that three run lead with Borowski coming in.

A win is a win, but why is it that Borowski continues to give up runs every single time? You think that's gonna fly come October? I certainly don't. But we are stuck with him people. How about he has 38 saves? 38! I don't know how he does it. The Tigers lost to Kansas City and the Tribe holds a 3.5 game lead now in the Central. Their biggest lead in ages. As Ags wrote to me in an email "Just when you think the Indians have fallen into the abyss, they go out and win 9 of 12."

Since I didn't see the game - here is some fill-in analysis from my stat guru Matt G:

Co-MVP's, Betancourt and Perez without hesitation.

Combined: 19 runs, 71 hits, 124Ks, 18 walks in 110 2/3 innings. (They do an advantage of only having to pitch partial initial innings on many occasions, but those are phenomenal numbers).

Please note that Borowski has given up 33 runs in 52 2/3 innings. But hey, we shouldn't be complaining, should we?

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