Thursday, August 30, 2007

Detroit Panic City

I won't get greedy, but man am i loving this. After last night's 5-0 shutout loss to the Royals, the Tigers are 4.5 games behind the Tribe in the Central and the horse seems to be out of the barn. Panic is setting in in The D and the media and fans are piling on. Check out these examples:

Their young jewel left-hander Andrew Miller couldn't get out of the first inning, and according to Tiger schill Lynn Henning, Miller is on his way to being "re-assigned."
Tigers' Loss is Royally Frustraing

Ah, those Kitties, their position players are looking older by the minute. Gary Sheffield is on the DL and may not return the rest of the way, Kenny Rogers still has a sore elbow, but may try to test it tomorrow in a simulated game, and ole suck boy Lynn is jumping off the Pudge bandwagon.
Rogers to Test Sore Elbow
Is Pudge Worth It?

I'm shocked at this reaction. While the Indians are hot, winners in 10 of 13 since Asdrubal Cabrera took over second base, their jerseys still say "Cleveland" across the front. You know that means a monumental collapse could always just around the corner. C.C. Sabathia disagrees and is very confident in his team. He says "we're here to stay."

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