Friday, August 24, 2007

Thoughts From The Runway

Thanks to the crazy storms in the Midwest, I have been sitting on the runway at Midway Airport in Chicago for the last 90 minutes with no end in sight (EDIT - My flight took off 2 hours and 50 minutes late). Thank goodness for an exit row seat, my laptop, and the inventors of the wireless card on cell phone frequency. All of this sitting and thinking about the sports weekend:

Tribe at Kansas City

1. There is no excuse to take anything less than two out of three this weekend with co-aces C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona and his bad-ass sinker going Friday and Sunday. Rookie Lefty Aaron Laffey makes his triumphant return to the rotation Saturday after three weeks of dominating his competition in Buffalo. I was thrilled to see Laffey get the call. I am not a Cliff Lee fan - I don't like his demeanor on the mound. He fought openly with Victor Martinez late June in Texas. He was the king of the five-and-fly. His attitude seemed to rub many the wrong way. According to today's Plain Dealer, The front office pushed for the return of Lee to the 5 spot in the rotation, but all of the scouts agreed Laffey was the man for the job. We will see if he is worthy Saturday night.

2. I expect to see three straight nights of Franky Guttierez in Right Field this weekend. If he isn't doing it with his bat, his glove is too valuable to sit behind creaky Trot Nixon. You think old man Trot makes that catch of Curtis Granderson's ball in the 5th yesterday? Negative. Just give him the every day job and call it a day.

3. Give me Asdrubal Cabrera in all three games as well. Put him at short one night and give Jhonny the night off. He needs one badly. Give Barfield one last shot one night at second. Please, I beg of you Eric Wedge, sit Casey Blake for one game. Just one. Its painful to watch him in the 2 hole.

4. Lets all be big Yankee fans this weekend - Four game set with the Tigers in the Motor City could be huge for the Wahoos.

Browns at Denver - Preseason Game #3

1. Lets see if Brady Quinn can do it against real first team competition. There is no point to giving Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye all of the time against Denver's first team defense.

2. I don't know why I care, but I'd like to see Chris Barclay beat out Jerome Harrison for the third RB job.

3. You think the Browns WR's not named Braylon Edwards can get involved in the game? It's a good thing Travis Wilson dubbed himself "the best WR in the draft" two years ago, yet couldn;t catch a cold naked in Minnesota in December.

4. How many yards do you think Denver's running game can go for on the pathetic Clowns D line? I put the over/under at 150. Bang the over. Even in a preseason game.

My computer battery is dying or else I'd hit you with more commentary!

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