Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Night, Another Win, and Another JoBo Debacle

First off, nobody has a better brother than I do. The state of Michigan's #1 Indians fan kept me abreast of the situations via text messages through my business dinner last night. I read the articles and saw the highlights online here at Midway Airport in Chicago - yes, holiday weekend travel has already cost me another classic two-hour delay. But I digress. A few weeks back, the Indians were slumping badly and MD had written me an email saying "its time to get back on the blog - they've gone into the tank since you retired." Well look back at it. Could it be Asdrubal Cabrera's spark (now 11-3 since he was moved into the starting lineup) or my mad writing skills (9-2 since the blog) that have pushed the Tribe? Regardless, The Tribe is hotter than Christina Aguilera (I love her).

Last night, rookie Aaron Laffey pitched well again, but lost his chance for a W thanks to an off night from Raffy Perez. After Ryan Garko's big two out RBI double to give the Tribe a 5-4 lead, Tribe fans were lucky enough to witness the crazy train that is a Joe Borowski ninth inning blown save. That was the bad news - the good news was that thanks to three walks and a hit batter, the Tribe came out with a 6-5 win. Mariners Reliever and former Indian Rick White brought his gas can out for the ninth and handed the Tribe its sixth straight win. Make sure you follow the link below and listen to Tribe play by play man Tom Hamilton's call of the bases loaded, game winning walk by Kenny Lofton. His quote was "The Indians win, and Rick White hasn't changed."

Classic Hamilton

So being in Chicago, I was able to have an eye on the TV in the bar which was playing the Browns pre-season tilt against the Bears. You know how I feel about pre-season football, but since this is a blog about all of my four teams, I have to give you a couple of Browns takes and links.

1. I'm now convinced more than ever that Derek Anderson is going to go from the leader to start the season at QB to released by next week. Brady Quinn will be #2 and the well-liked Ken Dorsey #3, thanks to Dorsey's professionalism and the fact that Quinn views him as his mentor. I'm very disappointed in Anderson - I loved his arm, but if you can't beat out Charlie Frye, you don't belong in the NFL.

2. Josh Cribbs returned a punt 70 yards for a TD. Looks like he has locked up that job. Mark my words - that won't last all season. He is a great Kick returner, but he is too afraid to get popped awaiting a punt.

3. There is serious depth in the secondary. #2 pick Eric Wright is going to start opposite Leigh Bodden at CB, Daven Holly is very solid as a nickel corner, veteran Kenny Wright was brought in but has been hurt, giving draft pick Brandon McDonald the opportunity to show what he can do. He snagged a spot last night by picking off two passes. Add in budding All-Pro Sean Jones and his ready for primetime cohort Brodney Pool and you've got the best unit on team.

4. I'm ready for real games. I'll be at the opener. Wouldn't miss it. My fantasy football draft is next Wednesday night. I pick #5. I'm taking whomever falls to me between Frank Gore and Joseph Addai.

5. Tim Couch has recently said he took HGH to try to recover quickly from his various injuries. Obviously, i didn't work - he got cut by the Jaguars in Training Camp. Don't feel too bad for Couch. I wouldn't mind his life. Being the #1 pick got him about $35 million guaranteed after the Browns picked up all of his options at the end of his run and he is married to Playboy Playmate of the year Heather Kozar.

6. I went to the Akron Beacon-Journal website to see if Terry Pluto had written anything about the games last night. Not only was their not any columns of his, but his name and archives have been removed. Sunday is his first day at the PD.

7. The Browns put hard-luck Center LeCharles Bentley on the PUP list. This buys them more time to see if he can get himself fully back. I hope he can. Nobody wanted to be a Brown more than Bentley and then he goes out and blows out his knee on the first play of the first practice last year. Not to mention his additional surgeries thanks to a staph infection.

Browns Win, Quinn Sharp
Browns Make Move With Bentley

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