Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Road To San Antonio Starts Today

We've been previewing every region for you, but you know this is all about the Kansas Jayhawks for us. This is the best shot Bill Self has had and may have for a long time. He's got a nine-man rotation where Seniors Darnell Jackson, Russell Robinson, Sasha Kaun, and Rod Stewart will all be done when this Tournament is over. Junior Brandon Rush and Sophomore Darrell Arthur have one foot out the door. It was also shock nobody if Mario Chalmers left as well. So Coach Self, this is it for you. There is no tomorrow.

It's tough to view this team's chances without bias and thinking with my head rather than my heart. There is so much to love about this team. Talent galore, veterans, and no egos. Seven different players led this team in scoring during a game this season. They can do it inside with Arthur, Jackson, and Collins or outside with Chalmers, Sherron Collins, and Rush. Robinson and Chalmers are the best defensive backcourt in the nation. The team is loaded.

The pressure for Self to get this team to the Final Four is immense. The Kansas fan base wants it badly and another early exit could really turn the Jayhawk Nation on him. He is a great guy, an excellent recruiter, but his in-game coaching at times can be questioned. This year, there has been no doubt about his abilities, especially the way he has turned this team into such a selfless bunch. But as we stated before, this has to be his year.

Can they do it? We think so. With Sherron Collins 100% healthy, which he wasn't most of the year and wasn't during the NCAA Tournament last year, this team plays at a whole different level. Collins will be the reason this team gets to the Final Four. After that, its a crap shoot. One thing is for sure, meeting North Carolina in the Final Four would be a game KU fans would want to win almost as much as a National Title. Nothing would be sweeter than beating Ole' Roy on the way to a championship.

Keep in mind its the 20 year anniversary of the 1988 Danny and the Miracles Championship team. Kansas started in the state of Nebraska (Lincoln), then went to the regionals in Detroit. This year its Nebraska (Omaha) to Detroit. Can the magic happen again? We hope so.

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