Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coast to Coast...like Tyus Edney against Mizzou

Obviously there are no college hoops games to recap, but lots of things to cover. The worst part of having the NCAA Tournament on CBS only is no Erin Andrews. Last night was the MTAC Fantasy Baseball draft. We went wire to wire last year and lost in the world series thanks to a Trevor Hoffman blown save (he's been on my shit list for years too). We had our best season ever, because we dominating the pitching categories. So we went that route last night again. We picked #7 in a 12 team league. Somehow, Chase Utley fell to us. In round two we snagged the second best SP in fantasy, Jake Peavy. Here is the rest of the squad: We've got two Indians, and (sorry Tribe fans), two Tigers.

1B Paul Konerko (9, 103)
2B Chase Utley (1, 7)
SS Carlos Guillen (5, 55)
3B Ryan Zimmerman (7, 79)
OF Magglio Ordonez (3, 31)
OF Torii Hunter (6, 66)
OF Jeff Francouer (8, 90)
C Benjie Molina (21, 247)
UT Ryan Theriot (16, 186)
SP Jake Peavy (2, 18)
SP C.C. Sabathia (4, 42)
SP Chad Billingsley (11, 127)
SP A.J. Burnett (12, 138)
RP Manny Corpas (10, 114)
RP Matt Capps (14, 162)

OF Pat Burrell (13, 151)
1B Ryan Garko (17, 199)
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff (20, 234)
OF David DeJesus (22, 258)

SP Jered Weaver (15, 175)
SP Gil Meche (19, 223)
RP B.J. Ryan (18, 210)

Lets Link..

So everyone loves this Elliot Spitzer/hooker story. Well, yesterday on the Howard Stern show, Jason Itzler, the self proclaimed "King of all Pimps" said that he set up a threesome with Charlie Sheen and another girl a few years back. This story just keeps getting better. Perth Now

The Rapper DMX is a complete piece of crap. He's been arrested for drugs, guns, assault, you name it. Not that his opinion on anything matters, but don't miss his views on the election and in particular, Barack Obama. It's a must read. Can't Stop the Bleeding

Want to know who will be the announcers for your favorite college team's first two NCAA Tournament games? Click Here. KU fans, we are getting Kansas grad Kevin Harlan (right between the eyes!) and Dan Bonner. Awful Announcing

More reasons to have a baby, you get cans. Isn't that right, Nicole Richie? Bricks and Stones

Sam Smith, the best NBA writer in the business, is taking the buyout at the Chicago Tribune. How long before one of the big boys comes in and snags him? The Big Lead

A horrible day for the economy yesterday. When a giant investment bank like Bear Stearns gets bought by J.P. Morgan Chase for $2 a share when a year ago it was trading for $170 a share, that's not a good sign. Could Lehman Brothers be next? We hope not, our sister in law works there. Wall Street Journal

Amidst the firestorm that has occurred because of his friendship with crazy Reverand Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama will deliver a speech on race and politics today in Philadelphia. ABC News

We HATE Heather Mills. You want more proof there is no God? This c-rag bitch gets $48.5 million in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney. She was married to him for four years. She was nothing but a money-grubbing user and Paul, who is so into love, didn't even make her sign a pre-nup. AP

More on our girl Ashley Alexandra Dupree. Now her family is weighing in. People

Our favorite SI.com College Hoops writer, Seth Davis, previews the Midwest region where he picks our boys, Kansas, to win it. Sports Illustrated

A nice piece on Danny Manning, assistant coach by Cleveland native Joe Posnanski. Kansas City Star

Florida Coach Billy Donovan doesn't like going to the NIT. ESPN

Mike and Mike are such cheese dicks. David Letterman knows it too. Sox and Dawgs

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