Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coast to Coast...like Tyus Edney against Mizzou

The morning roundup is back and we've got lots to discusss. First off, the next few weeks are obviously going to be College Hoops heavy here at MTAC. We want to get you as prepared as possible for the Tournament, which starts just a short nine days from now. Last night was the start of Championship Week and we have already had games that will affect teams fighting for the final at large spots. The West Coast Conference Tournament was won by San Diego, with a 69-62 win over top seeded Gonzaga. With the Bulldogs and #2 seed St. Mary's already locks for the Tournament, a slot was snagged by the Torreros. Meanwhile, a second at large bid will probably be taken away from another bubble team as 26-6 South Alabama was upset by Middle Tennessee State in the semi's of the Sun Belt Tournament. Most experts think South Alabama is a lock regardless with a resume including wins over Mississippi State and a sweep of 26-6 Western Kentucky, plus an OT at Vanderbilt and a three point loss at Mississippi. This is bad news for Ohio State, Syracuse, Florida, and a few others.

Let the link-fest begin....

More from our favorite Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. The king of text messages has been busted again. More texts show Kwame gave his friend Bobby Ferguson inside information on city projects, discussed whether he would be in or out of certain jobs and helped Ferguson get paid promptly when he urgently needed a check from the city.

Former Indian scrub Catcher Jesse Levis busted for public masturbation. Nothing like standing outside a window with your pants down spanking it.

Kansas' Sasha Kaun and a great story about facing adversity in life.

A brilliant idea if you are a guy who wants to be done having kids: get snipped the day before the Tournament starts. We actually know someone who did this too.

It was announced yesterday that Lute Olson is returning to Arizona next year when he will be age 74. Earlier last week SI's Seth Davis wrote a great piece describing Olson's attempts to undermine interim coach Kevin O'Neill. We were never a fan of Lute. We think he is a phony and after reading the Davis, it's been confirmed. Sounds like the original plan of having O'Neill take over eventually won't happen.

Your Championship Week Announcing Schedule.

We are not ones to play the race card ever, but CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman has a point regarding Tyler Hansbrough.

The scandal that is busting up New York: Governor Elliot Spitzer is a part of a high-end protitution ring.

I'm sure nobody saw this one coming, Star Jones and her gay husband Al Reynolds are spiltting up.

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