Saturday, September 1, 2007

Over Before it Even Starts

Apologies to my great friend Jer, but I have to say this is pretty funny. All we've heard out of Ann Arbor since the Rose Bowl blowout loss to USC was that this was the year. 2007 was going to be Lloyd Carr's best chance at a national title in a decade. The offense is loaded; returning All-American RB Michael Hart, stud QB Chad Henne and WR's Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington. Today is September 1st, and their season is over. Ron English's question mark defense was absolutely shredded by QB Armanti Edwards and his Appalachian State Mountaineer teammates. That's right, I didn't say LSU or Florida or even Maryland, I said Appalachian State!

Nothing like Lloyd having his team so unprepared for a I-AA school that they trailed essentially the entire game. Mike Hart wouldn't let the Wolverines lose. He showed up big time with 188 yards rushing. Too bad the defense couldn't say the same. This is a disgrace to the Michigan program, the Big Ten, and to a loyal, knowledgeable, but arrogant fan base. I don't care how poorly you play, to give up 34 points at The Big House to an inferior opponent is pathetic. Lloyd Carr has been under the microscope for at least four years now and this will not help his cause. His Seniors have now lost to Appalachian State at home, on top of never winning a bowl game or beating Ohio State. Bo Schembechler is spinning in his grave. And speaking of those Buckeyes, they didn't disappoint in blowing out Youngstown State 38-6.

Lastly, of course I didn't get to see one second of this debacle, thanks to the fact that the Big Ten Network is not carried by Time Warner cable. People in Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago couldn't see it unless they had Directv. What a joke! It was way too nice of a day to be inside anyways.

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