Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Apologies

My real job and travel has put a squeeze on my blogging, apologize. Unfortunately for me, talking Tribe, Browns, Cavs, KU Hoops, and sports in general doesn't pay the bills (although if I wasn't such a pot-head in college, it could have). It's random thoughts time...

1. You know the Tribe is rolling when Luis Rivas is 2-2 with a triple and a double so far tonight in game one of the doubleheader in Seattle. At this very second Fausto Carmona is rolling through six innings staked to a 9-2 lead.

2. Is it just me, or are you worried about Joe Borowski pitching with a one run lead in Yankees stadium in a pivotal playoff game? JoBo, an all around good guy and model teammate, can blow a save with the best of them. Tuesday night was his seventh such instance of the season. Luckily, Kenny Lofton's sac fly and Rafael Betancourt's usual stellar relief work won it in the 11th.

3. Very anxious to see how Jeremy Sowers pitches in the night-cap of the doubleheader. He was so masterful last year as a rookie and so horrible as a sophomore earlier this year. He earned the right to make this start with his hard work in both Buffalo and Akron. The same cannot be said for "Stiff" Lee and his bad attitude.

4. Make that 10-2, bottom six. It's very weird to see the Indians as the home team in Seattle.

5. Lets talk Browns - Their defensive line may be the worst I've ever seen. Their old. Their slow. Their soft. Not a great recipe for success. I love Orpheus Roye's heart, but his body is failing him and he isn't the player he was two years ago; and even then he was getting old. Ted Washington is stealing money. He is a fat slob who should have hung them up five years ago. He is supposedly in their to "plug holes," yet the Browns have allowed three consecutive 100 yard backs (Willie Parker, Rudi Johnson, Lamont Jordan). Only three games have been played! Shaun Smith? Robaire Smith? Simon Frasor? Ethan Kelley? That's quite the rotation GM Phil Savage set up.

6. Lets go from the front to the back - The Linebackers haven't been much better. Antwan Peek and Kamerion Wimbley are excused from this conversation. They are doing an adequate job on the ends. The middle linebackers have been atrocious. Andra Davis - has anyone's (alleged) star fallen faster? Yes, he may be hurt, but he has become real average, real fast. D-Quell Jackson hasn't impressed anyone and is losing reps. What about the supposed emergence of Leon Williams? So far he has been overmatched. Chaun Thompson has filled in. That's not a good sign. Willie McGinest should be back this week. Whoo-pee!!!

7. Make that 12-2. Luis Rivas is a double away from the cycle. No joke. Good thing he didn't win the utility job over Mike Rouse coming out of Winter Haven.

8. Now to the secondary. Wow has second round pick Eric Wright looked bad. Talk about overmatched. I feel for the kid. He is getting burnt to a crisp out there and could be replaced as soon as this week by Kenny Wright of Davon Holly. He continues to get picked on and exploited. When Josh McCown is burning you, it's not a good sign. The safeties have not helped one bit. Sean Jones has been a non-factor and Brodney Pool has been a serious disappointment, blowing coverages and missing tackles.

9. Thank goodness for Josh Cribbs.

10. Look up the phrase "lame duck" in the dictionary and you will find a picture of coach Romeo Crennel. I believe it was Bud Shaw who put it best in
his column Monday "Imagine if Romeo Crennel weren't so well liked in the locker room. As it is, this team seems to have his back in much the same way Brutus had Caesar's." The coin flip was laughable, but his defense is a bigger joke; and he is a defensive coach! He'll never last more than the season and will never get another head coaching job after this.

11. With all that horrid commentary on the Browns defense and coaching ( I didn't mention the false start and holding parade put on by the O-line), they still somehow almost won the game. The Raiders did everything they could to hand it to the Brown and Orange. Only the "New" Browns could make a kick that didn't count and then have the re-kick blocked.

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