Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fausto Time and a Browns/Bengals Prediction

He is a flat out dominater. His stuff is filthy. He is the same guy who went 1-11 out of the bullpen. I cant believe it either. Fausto Carmona joined C.C. Sabathia as a 17 game winner tonight after pitching a three-hit, no walk, eight inning, scoreless outing.

To have a one-two punch like Sabathia and Carmona is astounding. They give the Indians perhaps their best-ever chance to erase the Cleveland Curse once and for all and give the city its first championship since 1964. In two starts this week, Carmona went 15 innings; he is 2-0 with 12 K's, a 0.60 ERA and a 0.60 WHIP. The guy just isn't allowing base runners, let alone runs. His 3.07 ERA now leads all AL pitchers, which unlike the National League, means something. He doesn't have to pitch to seven and a half batters every time through a lineup the way John Smoltz or Carlos Zambrano do.

An assist must go to the KC Royals bad outfield defense for allowing the Tribe to get the extra four insurance runs in the eighth. Travis Hafner hit a solo HR in the 4th to join in the fun. The Magic Number is now down to single digits - nine. With The Tigers coming in for three, that number could dwindle by two with each Indians win. It's a beautiful thing.

I'm off to see our pathetic excuse for a football team in a few hours. The Clowns take on the Bengals. Lets see, the Browns D- cannot stop the run and Rudi Johnson is a beast. They have trouble stopping the deep balls and the Bengals have arguably the best deep ball thrower in the league in QB Carson Palmer. WR Chad Johnson has vowed to jump into the Dawg Pound when he scores a TD. The Clowns just spent a week looking even more amateurish than they truly are after the Steelers game and the Charlie Frye drama. This is a recipe for disaster. Something tells me they will play better and keep in close, but the talent gap is too great. Bengals 34 Browns 14.

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